Bok, Locks and empty Barrells

November 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

I watched the Bok test with a feeling that watching soccer would be more rewarding. Luckily i caught the last part of the game where Liverpool pulled of a comfortable victory against Wigan. It is clear to everybody that the Boks don t look as if they are enjoying themselves. If you want to see a happy team just watch the All Blacks or even the Scots or the Irish.

We probably survived due to workmanlike performances by Francois Louw, Etzebeth, Guthro Steenkamp and Willem Alberts. Nothing new further. The Heyneke gameplan still does not work. That we already saw during the games against the Kiwis, Aussies and the Pumas. Steyn is back. One giant step backwards. No Jantjies. No gametime for Taute in the 15 jersey. No specialist on the left wing. No chance for the explosive Rhule.

We have a disfunctional backline that is trying to implement an outdated form of play. This gameplan did not work against the weakest test side the Aussies fielded in decades. It did not work against a very weak Irish side and it did not work against a Scottish side that lost last week against a B-team of the All Blacks. The All Blacks also scored a half century against this Scottish side.

Our backline is moving the ball to slow and that starts with Pienaar. Also we are running to flat and it is just a question of time before the intercept tries are going to pile up against us. Most of the kicking game was a totally useless waste of good ball. High up and unders works well here when it is raining. You only kick when under pressure in your own half or if you can surprise the opponent a la Habana in their half. Unfortunately they are selling copies of our gameplan outside the stadiums , so the British teams knows exactly what to expect. The Boks is in desperate need of a backline coach. I will recommend David Campese.

The Boks need a forward coach. This same pack of forwards looked tougher than the Navy Seals a few months ago. For long periods in the second half they could not take a ball from a Scottish pack that is certainly not even close to our normal standard of forward play. Something is seriously lacking here.The players look disillusioned and not motivated.

The positive plus points is that the young players is being toughened up and are picking up valuable experience. As much as i like the trio of locks in the test team, i agree with some of the Sport 24 bloggers that Bakkies Botha should be called up to provide the forwards with some oomph. Botha and Etzebeth will be hard to contain. Etzebeth is a very athletic player and can easily take over the number 5 jersey. He is also very quick off the ground like Matfield used to be.

CJ van der Linde is definitely way past his sell by date. As good as he was in the past, he should not have been picked for this tour.As far as that is concerned i feel for   Heyneke Meyer . We have very good young props and hookers coming through, but with the exception of Beast , Guthro and Jannie , the current crop is not fully ripe for full international rugby matches.

England the coming weekend will be a real acid test. England had a purple patch in their new purple jerseys against the Aussies and had me thinking that they might actually pull this one of. Clearly England will make Ireland and Scotland look like a kindergarten team, so South Africa will have to be mean lean cleaning out England at the ruck machines.. If we again kick away our possession as we did against Ireland and Scotland, then the young guns will be able to add the bitter taste of defeat to their test match experience.

South Africa need to sit up and take stock and fix what s wrong. Everything is certainly not right as far as the coaching staff is concerned. If we want to win any trophies , we need to tweak our gameplan a little. We need to allow our playmakers more freedom. Heyneke must go find the right staff. The Blue Bull coaching staff is right for the Bulls , but not for the Boks. Lets wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late.

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  1. I fully agree with you, HM got to wake uo, he have to change his coaching staff. Nothing happening up fron and the back line can just as well be replaced by more forwards, because all we doing is use the backline players to drive forward into the oponents

  2. I have to agree. The biggest problem we have is game plan. We have an abundance of talent, but nobody truly being free to express themselves. Our backline were hardly brought into the game. DeJongh and Lambie are far better than they looked because of our game plan. If we lose the battle upfront we struggle. There is no variation off set-phase. No dummie running.. No attacking through channels 1 and 2.. No deception.. Just boring predictable defensive rugby.

  3. I tend to agree with the change of coaches that are needed, they are just not cutting it, except for Peter de Villiers, Ithink he actually has helped our front row quite a bit. I’ve read some comments on these blogs and I’ve seen people say that Willem Alberts shouldn’t be starting but I tend to disagree. For whatever skills he lacks ie. competing for the ball at the break down, I feel he makes up for in his physicality. I don’t think there is anybody that can get over the advantage line the way this man does or tackle a player like he does. I know Marcell Coetzee is there and he is the future, so I must applaud HM for the way he changes the 2 in the game. WA goes in hard and gets go-forward, so when MC comes on,although not as strong but not too far off, he tends to take over where WA left off.

  4. I cannot agree more! Supporters claiming that we must be patient because HM also took time to get the Bulls to the top forget one very important aspect: the ONLY reason why Plan HM worked was because we had a Fourie du Preez. He was the General in the plan and without him it can and will never work. No current 9 is as quick or can pass the same distance or can be as accurate with spot-kicks or can make the same breaks as he did – individually they may have 1 or 2 of these skills. So yes, our first problem starts with Ruan. Secondly, Plan HM worked with the Bulls because they had Victor – inspirational and from the front. I cannot even count the number of times the Bulls of old managed to come back from far behind and win. In JdV, we do not have a leader AND, perhaps more importantly, we do not have a center that can create tries through line-breaks and off-loads. To make my point, I did an analysis of the Stormers’ S15 season: in the 15 games he played, they scored 6 back-line tries from back-line movements. In the 2 games he did not play, they scored 3. He himself scored 1. So we cannot be surprised that our backline never gets going – as with the Stormers, we will need individual brilliance (Aplon, J de Jongh, Pietersen) to score tries. I am not saying we must pick them! But HM stiffles any individual brilliance through his dictator style coaching! The players dare not do something brilliant (like his comment that Lambie tried to play too much rugby!). Ruan, Lambie, Taute, Goosen, Jantjies, JP, de Jongh are looking like third rate robots! HM is in denial because he is arrogant – he will not and can not win matches that count with his strategy. He surrounds himself with blindly loyal coaching staff and players (read Zane, JdV, Morne, Louw, Flip, Juandre) and he does not allow players to think for themselves and play rugby. We are so stuffed in the long run…

  5. I disagree. I think our forwards did really well and dominated for the 50 minutes in which they had breath. It is only after they got tired that Scotland started gaining some ascendancy but then we made well over 100 tackles and some big hits in that too.

    Therefore I can’t see how you can say they have no motivation either. Surely you have to be motivated to defend like they did on Saturday.

    • I reckon they tackled like that out of desperation. Have you ever seen the French or especially the All Blacks put in so many tackles. No, because it is mostly attack balanced by good defence that will win you matches. This is especially true in modern times. The team that carries the ball most will win 90% of the time. If you are hell bent on defence you will lose 90% of the time. Also , i watch rugby to enjoy it not to see some morons kicking the ball away and running straight into the opposition time and time again. No imagination from the coaching staff if you ask me. They coached poor Lambie within weeks from hero to zero. I woulndt have believed it if i didnt see the last few tests with my own eyes. Boks used to practice in secret years ago. Not necessary now. Everybody knows our gameplan.

  6. Hopefully this Saturday will be the last we see of the kick and bash gameplan, Meyer now has the entire Super Rugby series next year to figure things out.

  7. The coffee has gotten cold already. HM refuses to wake up. He will do things his way. He has made up his mind and it won’t change.

  8. I agree with what you say,why take players along who specialise in positions but play players out of positions to just have them in the team.

  9. Lambie is not a happy player – must do as big daddy says – kick the ball high my son kick the ball high. The day HM let him play as a Shark you would see fire works. Why is the Springboks not smiling? They are not a happy bunch…

  10. The backline is not firing at all at the moment. The rugby public seems to be convinced that Lambie’s lacklustre performance this weekend is somehow HM’s fault. I find the mere thought of that absurd. I played rugby myself for many years and instinctive play cannot be coached out of a player within a matter of 2 weeks.

    The forward pack performed admirably although the guys seem tired and run down this late in the season and understandably so.

    A big problem with South African rugby is the rugby public. A mere three weeks ago Lambie was untouchable and seen as the next messiah in the flyhalf position. Have a look around the blogs and comment pieces and you will notice that he is suddenly lethargic, pathetic, useless, belongs in super rugby, not a flyhalf etc to mention but a few of the comments.

    I find our fickle supporters tedious and downright ridiculous

    • Well , you just saw the impossible. Super coach Heyneke reduced Lambie from hero to stumbling zombie. If you do not follow coach Heyneke “s instructions , mate, you are history like Michael Jackson. By the way, And why do the All Blacks still look so perky and fresh at the end of the season while the Boks looks like they have run out of ideas and are actually struggling against inferior opposition. They look tired and ready to be hunted down by the English.

  11. Fans will argue that HM doesn’t have the bulk of players due to retirement or injuries. Would you rather see that guys in the bok team even when they are 35 yaers old. I dont think so. HM have the luxury of starting fresh, but what is he doing?. He force the bullshit game plan on the players. He’s making the good players look bad and the bad players even worse

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