Lessons from Dunedin.

September 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

The battle of Dunedin is now history. The Boks lost a game that they should have won. Heyneke , like a gambler on a losing streak, kept on placing all his money on 10 and 15 at the roulette wheel and walked out with only his shirt. Unfortunately Heyneke is no gambler. If he was he would have won with his money on 10 and 15. If he was a gambler and a very wise one , he would have picked Goosen in the 10 jersey and Lambie in the 15 jersey and he would have rolled in the money today.

The lessons from Dunedin is simply: 1. a Fetcher in the team is a  must. 2. Morne Steyn is just not good enough. 3 Kirschner is not our best fullback. 4. The gameplan is not working(high kicks and charge) 5. When the Boks start running the ball they look like they can win .(not following the gameplan  and playing like in the movies). 6. Dean Greyling is a walking yellowcard and not a test player.

Solution to start winning matches: Pick Goosen on flyhalf and forget about the Heyneke Meyer gameplan. Goosen is my gameplan. Nobody knows what he is going to do next. The perfect plan. Pick Lambie at fullback. Never pick Greyling for Boks again.Pick Brussouw on the bench as cover for Francois Louw in case of injury.Play like against the All Blacks and do not kick the ball away. Leave kicking decisions to Goosen. He knows what he is doing.

I was glad to see Flip van der Merwe coming to the party. Juandre also played well, as well as Bekker. This means that we have 4 good test locks available, which is very important, taking in account the tough nature of this competition. The forwards were full value for money except for Dean Greyling, that was a strong contender for man of the match from an All Black point of view.

With the exception of Morne Steyn in particular and Kirchner, the rest of the backline looked much better and is definitely growing into a well oiled unit. The addition of Goosen and Lambie will give direction and cement the confidence of the rest of the backline. Heyneke must just see to it that the forwards keep on delivering the goods and he must leave the rest to Goosen and forget about the kick and charge gameplan.


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  1. Good post. Agreed on Morné, needs to take a break and regain form. Goosen looks very promising. Kirchner was very steady and is not as bad a fullback as we make out, but I will love to see what Lambie can do at 15 for the Boks…Pienaar is bloody slow with his distribution and his tactical kicks are awful…JdV is also a player not playing his best rugby at the moment and also needs to take a break. I just thought Greyling should have moered McCaw harder, but yes he is definitely not test rugby material at the moment.

  2. Hi there,

    I’ll just give you the same comment I gave Markausralias on one of his articles:

    Although I’m a Kiwi (don’t hold that against me), I think both of us whether Bok or AB fans can feel frustrated because the Boks could have easily won last nights match if Steyn’s boot was on song. For an AB fan like myself that was a disappointing performance especially playing on home soil.

    I can see the Boks getting better and better with each performance so far in the early stages of this season especially considering that the Boks were missing key players like Bismark (spelling?) and co.

    From a kiwi’s point of view I’m a little worried how the AB’s are winning which is all well and good under Steve Hansens watch but we aren’t winning convincingly and the score lines in most if not all aren’t a true reflection of the games being played which flattered the AB’s at times.

    Whereas the Boks are slowly but surely showing glimpses of what can be. I think next year will give a better indication of where both teams, AB’s and Boks really are placed regarding that both teams are under new management/coaches

    • Come on . Kiwi players is some of my favourites together with the French players and a few Aussies. The thing is that i have a high regard for the way things is done in your country.Rugby is run in a very logical way. Rugby players also play situations in front of them intelligently, because the coaches concentrates on coaching you to make the right decisions and you play running rugby whenever there is such an opportunity. Winning will come when players are enjoying themselves. It is clear that the Kiwis are a happy bunch of players.
      Outstanding young players gets their chances in an All Black jersey at a young age. Sometimes we are afraid to select the youngsters.I can remember Bryan Williams that played for AB S at age of 19.

  3. Kicks out of hand were as badly executed as the kicks to poles. Steyn needs to be “rested”

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