Lost down under.

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Heyneke Meyer is not only totally lost down under, but he is also very quickly losing the support of the majority of the Boks supporters base. He is endlessly charging down at windmills with about as much effect as Don Quixote had. He says that the type of rugby the supporters wants the team to play ,is only seen in the movies. He clearly did not see what rugby some of the local rugby teams had been playing over the last few weekends. He also missed some of the tries that the Kiwis and the Pumas scored as well as those that the Aussies scored against us. Straight out of the movies.

Meyer has not only lost the plot. I think he has lost the whole script. What is more worrying is that he is clearly panicking and that the pressure is getting to him. His demeanour in the box is in contrast with that of Pieter de Villiers that usually appeared very calm. This whole situation has already affected the players and it is as clear as daylight that the confidence of the team is severely dented. Meyer is not prepared to listen to any criticism of his gameplan or the players selected. He has withdrawn into the “laager”.

What was amazing is that he threw all logic out of the window by selecting the struggling Morne Steyn and the one dimensional Zane Kirchner. Francois Steyn and Jean de Villiers, brilliant as they are, is just not clicking as a centre combination at the moment. I would definitely have picked Goosen  to kickstart this  two experienced players . Lambie is another one that i would have picked in the starting lineup as fullback. Morne , as good as he was , is just not cutting it any more at test level. There is a time to come and a time to go. Kirchner is okay as a backup on the bench if you are looking for a safe fullback that does what he is suppose to do,  without the fireworks.

The forwards looks very vulnerable and the body language just does not look right. Etzebeth and Vermeulen was the only two that looked as if they have what it takes to beat the Aussies. Flip v d Merwe is also just not good enough on this level. He should never have come on this tour. There is at least 6 locks in South Africa that would have been a better choice than Flip.

To sum it all up- Heyneke is not going to listen to any of us. He has a gameplan that does not work in the modern era. He will make it work by keeping the old guard in place that made it work in the past. If that fails he will pick other players to make the plan work . He will stick to his guns till he wins or die with his boots on, figuratively speaking. Why? Because that is why the dinosaurs died out and the old cowboys did not survive. To change ones ways is nigh impossible to some people. Mankinds survival depends on its ability to change and stay abreast of new developments. Sadly , South Africa s rugby will be lagging behind while other countries will be surging ahead.

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  1. It sure looks like we’re going to be in for a long and frustrating era, reminiscent of the Streauli era…but just longer.

    It bothers me that Meyer suggests that the players lack character. Is there another Kamp Staaldraad on the way?

    Agree with you, Meyer is not going to change his ways at all. He will stick with it until the players somehow make it work for them, or until he gets fired, but that I think only happens after 2 years’ performance review.

    I would have had sympathy for Meyer if he was not such a hot headed, FIFO type of guy, but given his insistence and unwillingness to improve, I just don’t feel sorry for him. I had much more time and sympathy for Div, even though the results the team got under his coaching was such that he didn’t require it at the start.

    Meyer’s problem is that he made certain statements at the start of how he was going to go ahead, and that created expectations of success, which we have not seen at all. The “winning type” of Rugby is just not forthcoming.
    The other problem he has is that his principles seems to be applied only when it suits him. Giving players “last chances” then if it doesn’t work, certain players get more “last chances” while others gets dropped after hardly having had a chance.

    He talks about “coaching” players rather than “picking”, then changes his tune to “horses for courses”. Meanwhile, he drops certain players out of the squad after 5 minutes or 60 minutes of game time and “picks” other players rather than “coaching” those like he coaches the other so-called non performers.

    Daniel was touted as a “horse” for the Australian game but got dropped even before he set foot in Australia.

    Essentially I think Meyer’s problem is a) What he says and what he does is not consistent and b) He thinks the Rugby public are idiots.

    Sorry Heyneke but 1 Super Rugby trophy doesn’t make you a demi god or a know-it-all. Once you learn to accept your shortcomings and make the necessary changes you need, then you will become a better coach. Right now you ar eno better than Straeuli was.

  2. I’m hoping that he will succeed but at the moment it looks dismal

  3. @Met uysh. It looks like Heyneke is almost looking for excuses before they lose matches. The players will be blamed if they cannot make the outdated gameplan work. This is truly a no win situation for the players. Heyneke is totally blinded by his own brilliance.and us ordinary earthlings stands no chance of getting through to him. All critics is regarded as the enemy and Heyneke and his team has now retreated into the laager from where Heyneke intends to weather the storm.

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