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Bulls tour of hell!

March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Bulls might have horns again;  however, are they big and sharp enough for the tour of hell?

The Bulls are not always the most successful tourists: maybe because of  the language barrier….? Who knows?

It will take a massive effort from Pierre ‘show pony’ Spies’ Bulls to beat the Blues, Cruasders, Reds and Brumbies abroad. Normally touring teams target a team or two for a victory and then try and optain bonus points vs the Big Dogs. Unfortunately, the Bulls will just encounter Big Dogs ‘down under’ and ‘across the ditch’!

The Bulls will play percentage rugby, that is what they know best. It is also the ‘blueprint’ of Bok rugby. Front up and play in the opponents half. Winning will be through applying so much pressure that will force those teams in to making mistakes and kick penalites against them. Typical SA approach. It has work on occassions, however, it will not make SA rugby a dominant force like the mighthy All Blacks.

To beat these teams in their backyard doesn’t always happen.

Can the Bulls win any games on tour?

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  1. Looks veeery tough of a tour indeed. At home I would bet for the Bulls win against all of these teams but on the road another story…

    As a Bulls supporter my optimistic wish is that they scrape 2 narrow wins and 1 bonus point lose, coming back with 9pts. I think however a more realistic scenario is that they scrape one win against one of the Aussie oppositions and take 2 bonus points loses coming back with 6pts..

    Either way it is pretty easy to predict that the 3 remaining “big” local derbies (Stormers in Newlands and Sharks home/away) will eventually define their play-off spot..So a tough ask there as well as they probably need at least 2/3 from those…

  2. Harry, off course fans should be loyal and hope for the best. The thing is, even the Aussie teams, are the two better Aussie teams. JW will know how to play the Bulls and Brumbies is ‘inform’ Aus team. the Reds (I’m guessing hasn’t beaten the Bulls at Suncorp – they struggle here). I remember the Bulls winning at Ballymore in 2004, but can recall to many victories at Suncorp?

  3. Hi Kevin,

    Obviously the fixtures are as tough as they can get and it will not be easy… One win minimum should however still be realistic to expect. For example there’s bound to be conditions (rain/humidity ect..) in some game which makes the NZ/Aus ball swinging/off-loading difficult and force them to play into the Bulls hands..? Sure JW knows how to play Bulls, but it works both ways. Bulls are after all a team with a culture of winning – hence 1/4 – 2/4 is very much possible.

  4. Jip historically 4 of the best teams in the comp and with the Blues revival this season I can’t see them winning to many. Maybe the Reds but even they will be a tough cookie.

  5. Hey Kevin

    Long time, I have this slight suspicion that all the South African teams will struggle against their Aussie and specially NZ opponents simply because we are playing an extremely idiotic boring game where our primary goal is to go to ground, where the NZ teams seem eager to keep the ball alive and avoid the contact situation completely.

  6. Maybe somewhere it will rain on the day and give the Bulls a sniff at a losing BP. Other than that I don’t see them getting any points on the road.

  7. If they can come back with two or even three bonus points for me that will be okay. This is a long season and the Bulls are building nicely after the massive knock they took last year for reasons that are well known.

  8. stomps

  9. The Bulls are not always the most successful tourists: maybe because of the language barrier….? Who knows?

    What language barrier: Most Afrikaners speak better English than the English themselves and definately better than the Aussies

  10. Andre, it is tongue in cheek, however, Afrikaners ‘feel out of their comfort zone’ overseas mate. They struggle to order a coke and burge in another language. yes they might understand it well, but it puts them in unfamiliar conditons!Most Afrikaners you refer to are the coloureds and afrikaners that live in the Cape, PE and Natal. most afrikaners in the Free State and Gauteng, struggle! FACT!

  11. Crusaders Reds Highlanders Brumbies Chiefs Sharks Blues

    Crusader bly maar moeilik om teen te bet. Rebels kan die verrassing wees van die naweek.

    Die bulle sal moet vinger uit die gat trek om 1 game te wen. Dit gaan 4 groot games vir hulle wees. Voeg net by die stormers is tans nog besig met hul groot 5 wedstryde – chiefs crusaders en brumbies – die hel gaan los wees in die kaap as hulle dalk oor die volgende 3 hekkies struikel. Dan nog met jantjies op 10 verdwyn die hoop soos mis voor die son , sou veel eerder vir grant daar gekies het. maar ja die groot kwota hoop bly maar in SA spanne , die bulle gaan self speel met pensioenaris ndugane.
    Net nog so puntjie , verlede naweek tussen die sharks en stormes was dit ook maar net skop skop skop rugby.

  12. Kevin, You don’t have a clue what you are talking about. There are so many “Afrikaners” staying and making a living aboard. I can just laugh at a statement like that. I hope that you can speak Afrikaans.

  13. Kevin mate, you come with your tongue in cheek story and then immediately follow that up with the burger and Coke BS. Your so-called facts are dodgy as well. This is a gross generalization and I think that you should accept that you have put your foot in it.

    How many Afrikaans South African speaking players do you think are playing in Europe? My guess is that there are more Afrikaans speaking South African rugby players players in Europe than English speaking rugby players.

  14. First game on tour – and first win achieved!

    This result means now that the target has to increase to 2/4 – 3/4 wins from the tour…which would be a great result against these teams.

    Great weekend for SA teams; Stormers was fantastic against Chiefs and Cheetahs as well against the Highlanders – I’m almost certain Bulls pulled lots of confidence to their game from the performances of their fellow SA teams.

    Only disappointing performance came from the Sharks.. But I guess it’s their normal slow start for the season – it is promising thou that at least now they are winning.

  15. It is very quiet, Kevin, did you swallow your words. and by the way, your comment about language is uncalled for!
    You just showed how little you know, firstly the BULLS proved your wrong because they played the perfect match with a mix of running and kicking game. Secondly, the brumbies are doing well because they are coached by a South African and play Springbok type rugby.

    At least we in SA are multilingual. En ek is Afrikaans en trots daarop.

  16. Jacques lag vir die spieel mate. ek is Afrikaans en bly oorsee.

  17. Steven, my call for language is not. many pure Afrikaners sukkel maar met die Engels.

  18. Your point mate? Most of those overseas SAFFAS are either English speaking or from Durban or the Cape.

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