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Chief $onny gets Buffalo scalp!

February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Controversy with a fight that everyone thought is for 12 rounds ended after 10, when $onny was on wobbly legs!

Respect to both. $onny Bill Williams is the ultimate athlete. Francois Botha although, reminded me of Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon 3, thinking to himself….”I’m getting too old for this shit!”

SBW has done what he has never done before, go for more than 7 rounds. He won most rounds easily, but, old fella Botha was a great learning curve for $onny.Botha and almost knocked out $onny in the 10th round; but, $onny has hanged on to claim a victory although he was out on his feet!

You got to give him some credit for entertaining, that was Botha, coming in dancing to Bob Marley’s’ Buffalo Soldier! Wasted a lot of energy though.

In the end, the spectators got their money’s worth. Good for boxing to have rugby fans talking about this. Great win for $onny, but Buffalo earned some respect by all.

Quade’super’Cooper, in his debut, knocked out his opponent in the first round; 2min 59 seconds!

26 responses to Chief $onny gets Buffalo scalp!

  1. So do you think SBW was the rightful winner? Notifying in a 12 round fight suddenly in the beginning of the 10th round that “this is the last round” – It’s like notifying the players in the rugby game at 60th minute that this is the last scrum and from the next time ball is out, the game is finished.

    Sure Sonny got more points in rounds 1-8, but White Buffalo was putting his tactics on a 12 round fight and started his charge only in the 9th – aiming for a KO. Should the fight have been scheduled as 10 rounds, he would’ve started his charge on round 6 already, and made the KO.

    An absolute disgrace – I’ve never seen anything like this happen ever!

  2. What’s with the $onny i.e. using a $ symbol instead of an S? Are you trying to be funny or just lack respect for people. Your cheap pathetic attempt to belittle the man only make you look like a fool. Maybe when you’re old enough to wear big boy panties you will understand this.

  3. Was it on one of your blogs where I said we cant watch any sporting events more without wondering whether its clean and honest? Seems like a questionmark hangs over this fight too.. How can a ref suddenly decide to take 2 rounds away? When 1 fighter is seemingly on the brink of knocking the other oke out? Ref was obviously in SBW corner..
    I havent seen the fight yet, but from what I’ve heard I find Botha’s tactics strange. How come he only came alive at the end? To me the obvious tactic would be to knock SBW out as quickly as possible, especially when you’re 44yrs old, past your prime, and you’re fighting a superbly fit athlete.. It doesnt make sense

  4. They should have showed this on WWE. It was a show not a fight.

  5. Jip Bookies had Sonny Boy for a win. Wonder how much influence that had on it only being 10 rounds.
    Even Botha at the end asked why it was only 10 rounds.
    I wonder if had gone to 12 who would have won?

    Sonny though was leading early on and Botha took a lot of hits.

    i didn’t like Sonny’s technique of just hanging on in the end but that heavy weight boxing for you. Not as entertaining as middle weight.

  6. just goes to show All Blacks get the refs advantage not just on the rugby field but also in the boxing ring. Lol

  7. well there Brook if you are old enough and follow world sport, Sonny is referred to by MANY as Money Bill, because his loyalties are with $ not a team! I’m a big fan of $onny and think he is a total athlete. Now get off your mum’s boob and grow a pair!

  8. Harry, there are lots of controversy about the ref’s call of last round at the start of the 10th. An expert this morning said that the rules for WBA champoinship fights are over 12 rounds. Someone has to answer for this. The WBA might decide not to give the title to Sonny. There are also rumours that both fighters might have agreed to 10 rounds just before the fight started, but Botha denies this.

  9. Leeubok, I think $onny was far ahead of points although Botha started to land more punches from the 8th round. Maybe when the ref called last round at the 10th Botha realised its time to go big or go home as he could win on points. Strange tactics as you say, for sure.

  10. I’ve seen much worst. Remember $onny is a rugby player who is testing himself. He doesn’t have a boxing background.

  11. Gen, you got to give $onny creidt for hanging on as he knwe he was in big trouble and if he could just survive the round he will win.

  12. Interesting developments with Aus sport this week having its worst day with all scandals about match fixing and using illegal stufff….this resulst of $onny now raises more questions. Asked about a rematch, $onny replied, “if there is one, I’ll like to do it in Cape Town as I will have more fans there than the Buffalo!”

  13. In retrospect & in light of all the statements ( & non statements from from whichever applicable authority) I must admit to being rather embarrassed to have fallen for this load of hogwash which has further besmirched a once noble sport. If Heaven forbid there is a rematch it should be screened on one of the Entertainment channels as sport it is certainly not. Also , SBW is putting his life on the line when he meets a real boxer.

  14. I do not understand why South Africans cannot acknowledge brilliance when it comes to the opposition. Quade Cooper is a brilliant flyhalf, SBW is an amazing centre..but our hatred for these guys on the rugby field is carried into the boxing ring. I love NZ rugby but acknowledge that Bryan Habana is a legend of the game.

  15. AB lover….not all SAFFAS dont not rate them. I’m a big SBW fan but still believes he should be a blindside flanker. He is an amazing athlete and the last time the Boks had a player with that magic was Bob Skinstad. Quade is a brilliant attacking flyhalf at S15 level so far. He has not been a constant success at test level vs the big dogs yet. But, Quade is my tupe of player. just for interest sake do you rate any white players?

  16. Redlion, valid point perhaps. However, the boxing experts they spoke to during the fight loves the idea of rugby guys crossing codes. it brought some life into the sport as rugby fans were inetersted in boxing and that lead to bums on the seats. I think for anyone to climb into a ring is very courages. SBW lives by challing himself and go outside his comfort zone. Botha was correct in saying Sonny has big balls.

  17. Ek sien in vandag se Koerant (Beeld) dat Botha se bestuur geweet het ,toe die oorspronklike kontrak geteken is dat die geveg oor tien rondtes sou wees,maar toe hulle uitvind dit is n titel geveg het hulle veronderstel dat dit dan oor twaalf rontes sou moet wees.
    Reken jy moet jou gewis van die die feite en nie veronderstel nie.

  18. Ek sien nou dat hulle beweer dat daar verbode middels gekry is in die urinemonster wat hulle van Botha geneem het, so ons kan maar hierdie episode (Boks geveg) afskryf as n fiasko.

  19. EPK, ek hoor ook dat albie kampe saamgestem het vir 10 rondtes,maar Botha se kamp het hom glo nooit ingelig nie. dit is kak storie, waarom sal ek nie my eie fighter inlig nie? sou jy nie na 9 rontes jou bokser aanbeveel dat hy agter op punte is en hy meot die opponetn uitslaan nie?

  20. Kevin,ek het ook gelees van sy span se mis komunikasie, maar sulke snert het nie eers kommentaar nodig nie.
    Kan nie wag vir die rugby om in alle erns te begin nie, dan het ons iets interresant om op kommentaar te lewer.
    Eerste slegte nuus is Etzebeth wat vir n paar weke uit is weens n enkel besering.

  21. EPK, beslis….oor Etsebeth, groot terugslag aangesien die Stormers afskop met weg wedstryde vs Bulle en Sharks. dalk ‘n blessing vir Bokrugby dat hy langer kan rus.

  22. Was die uitslae van die “verbode middels” nie dalk te vinnig uit om waar te wees nie? Hierdie goed neem mos gewoonlik 3 – 4 weke?

  23. Etsebeth bring my tog terug by sy ouderdom. Hy is beslis goed genoeg – van die beste. Hy is ook lekker groot gebou wat hom laat lyk of hy enige dag die hoogste vlak rugby kan speel. Tog is hy baie jonk en is sy lyf dalk net net sterk genoeg om sulke “hammering” te hanteer op ‘n gereelde basis nie? Daar is so baie voorbeelde van outjies wat baie jonk begin het en dan eintlik ‘n geskiedenis van baie beserings opbou. Ek is so bly dat daar by die Bulle goeie senters is en dink Serfontein moet van die bank af kom hierdie jaar want ons moet hom mooi bewaar

  24. BB, ek hoop hul gaan Serfontein vnjaar teen swakker opponente S15 laat speel. ek laaik hom baie

  25. Dis juis omdat ek hom so hoog aanskryf dat ek hom nie te vroeg onnodig wil laat seerkry nie. Maar, ja, jy’s reg hy moet asb teen bv die Kings speel

  26. BB, dit is juis omdat ek opgewonde is oor hom dat ek hom sal speel, nie net teen die Kings nie, maar ook rebels etc. ek glo if you good enough you are old enough. Naas, James O’Connor, Kurtley Beale, Frans Steyn, Lambie, Ben Tune…etc was almal 19 en 20 toe hul groot rugby begin speel het. die dinge van in watte toe draai is bog

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