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White Buffalo to KO $onny Bill William$?

February 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s a far cry from a ‘rumble in the jungle’ nor a ‘thriller in manilla'; however, for the first time in a long while I’m going to watch Heavyweight boxing again.

In the one corner we have…Francois White Buffalo Bothaaaaaa!  A reasonable proffessional in his heyday. Botha, although losing to Mike Tyson (KO in the 5th-1999), Lennox Lewis (TKO in the 2nd – 2000), Vladimir Klitschko (TKO in the 8th -2002) and Evander Holyfield (TKO in the 8th – 2010), has been in the ring with some big names. He was also knocked out 3/4 fights vs Corrie Sanders as an amateur.

Money Bill Williams, probably the most perfect atlete if there ever was one, will retire if he loses in Brisvegas.

$onny, who will be playing rugby league this year for the Sydney Roosters, has never fought anyone of name. He has never gone for more than six rounds yet. The only way he can beat the old and overweight SAFFA will be by dancing, running and dodging the Baffalo in the first 10 rounds. Surely then Botha will be out on his feet!

The other draw card is Quade ‘super’ Cooper, who will make his debut in the ring!

Ring the bell….!

14 responses to White Buffalo to KO $onny Bill William$?

  1. This is prob a good step up for Sonny.
    But I am just wondering how fit the Buffalo really is and how far over his prime he is.

    Then there is of coarse the fact that old Buffalo might take a dive for an extra few pennies. I mean boxing is not the noblest sport in history.

  2. Hi K

    Die wit buffel werk aan sy pension vir groener weivelde.

  3. Botha better knock SBW’s lights out as quickly as possible. I cant see the 44yr old Botha being in great shape, he wasn’t even in his heyday (except if you call round a shape). If the fight goes longer than 2 rounds SBW can take it on points as Botha will be too tired.
    Moer him wit buffel, moer hom!

  4. Kak excited. Gaan jy dit live kyk?

  5. My take on this fiasco Kev, is that if Botha connects with a haymaker, Sonny is going to see stars. If SBW can keep away for long enough, the Buffalo is going to follow in the hoof prints of his American namesake and become extinct.

  6. Gen, very true, forgot that WB can go for a bribe! World sport is so corrupt! Apparently Botha lost 7kg in preparing for this fight!

  7. Lol!

  8. In light of all the doping and match fixing being exposed in all sports over the world, can we ever truly enjoy a sporting event without wondering if its been tampered with somehow?

  9. I’ve had a really good look at this fight with the bookies pricing SBW marginal fav @4/6 and Botha being @11/10. What was really interesting that SBW was very humble and said that he was scared and thought it was a fair comment when Botha said he didn’t belong in the same ring.

    The money has to be on Botha and @11/10 it’s a steal. Watch the fights of SBW on Youtube, although I like the lad he can’t box at all, his hands are constantly low and it takes a semi-decent boxer to illustrate the error of his ways.

    Either way, I’m hoping for a good fight. Enjoy

  10. It’s unlikely he will take a fall since SBW is favourite to win the match at the bookies i.e. payouts too small.

  11. So true Leeubok. Aus sport in shambles, AFL & League now the big news with illegal drug use. Soocer match fixing worldwide….let’s hope today’s boxing is legit!

  12. Ek wou, maar was laasweek onder die mes met die knie. ek moes toe oorweeg of ek Botha sal gaan support tussen duisende kiwi-bros met hul silver fern tats. dit sou dalk ‘n fight op sy eie afgegee het :-)

  13. Dit is jammer dit is nie die ander Botha, Bakkies Botha, wat teen SBW in die kryt klim nie

  14. haha Bloustes, dit sal darem ‘n promotor se droom wees

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