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Boks, Blacks, Wales, Poms, Paddies, Tonga, Frogs & Canada to win!

November 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Put your Balls on the Guillotine!

An action packed international rugby weekend starting today with Wales playing Samoa at home. The Dragons are spewing more flames than usual after been slaughtered by the Pumas last weekend.

Then we are  off to Rome where the Pasta&Pizza boys are going to feel the force of the mighty All Blacks!

The Poms will try and prove that they are still ‘Big Brother’ to the ex-convicts from ‘down under’. The Wallabies’ scrum will again be under huge pressure, not even to talk about Robbie Deans! David Campese, made Channel 10 sport headlines again by saying that Deans is the worst thing ever to happen to Wallaby rugby! Campo is back!

Ireland vs Fiji: the Paddies will bounce back after slipping up to the ‘green&gold’ last weekend.

Tonga vs USA: just  the raw flair and big hits should be enough for the islanders to beat the ever improving Yanks!

France vs Pumas: the battle of flair, passion and pride. Both teams have the ability to produce magnificent tries, however, the Frogs will try and revenge both losses against the Latinos during the 2007 ‘holy grail’!

Canada vs Russia: Russia’s forwards should prevail, however, Canada’s backs will prove too skillful. Isn’t it great that Russia’s rugby is improving drastically!

Scots vs Boks: if the Boks lose this one, Heyneke Meyer should be fired regardless of what happens next weekend! If the Boks deviate away from kicking as first option and run (weather permitting), they should beat the Scots easily.

Put your balls on the Guillotine! Who do you think will win?

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6 responses to Boks, Blacks, Wales, Poms, Paddies, Tonga, Frogs & Canada to win!

  1. What makes the underdogs so good on the day is they have everything to gain – that’s what we did against NZ over there and why Scotland will lift their player average above norm for the game – no place for complacency! Go Bokke

  2. I think youve got it spot on, no changes from my side

  3. Firstly, when you write an article, please check grammar and spelling :
    “spuing more flames” …..spewing
    “thne we are off” …….then
    “Poms will try and proof” ……prove
    “produce magnificant tries” …..magnificent
    “backs will prove to skillful” ……too
    “Is’nt it great that” ………..isn’t

  4. jammer meneer! now that you’ve won the spelling bee prize, any rugby knowledge?

  5. Kevin, with my limited knowledge of rugby, I believe that the Springboks will reach the top when they look, listen and learn. The reasons for All Black success is the ability of nation to unite behind their team. New Zealand rugby bodies, from their Union, all the way down to club level work in unison to manage the affairs of players, coaching staff, team selections, etc. The supporters also join in one voice behind their national team. In SA there is no united controlling body (don’t tell me SARU is), there is constant bickering between Provinces, top players are not managed correctly, re game time, and the race card is constantly used in the melting pot of what we call Springbok Rugby. This disjointed approach to SA Rugby will always result in a disjointed results at national level. The Springboks will be top of world rugby when we are “One Nation”. Then we will play as “One Nation”.

  6. Oops. I’ve just done a “Kevin” with my grammar.

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