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Aus 2 SA 1. Eish, that must hurt!

October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

The weakest Aussie cricket team in decades, still manage to win the ODI series 2-1, against the ‘Blommetjies’! That in SA nogal. Not good for Gary Kirsten and the chokers of CWC’s.

I imagine those SAFFAS who ‘hate’ Australia so much, must be fuming. Not only did this troubled Aussie team, drew the 20/20 series, but now, even have a possible chance  in the Test series coming up. Not good for the SAFFAS, considering that the Wallabies also knocked out the former RWC champs in NZ and the Springboks have only won 1/6 tests vs the Wallabies in the last two years!

Ian Chappell said yesterday, that South Africa should not have given this Aussie team a chance. Not in South Africa. He reckons that Kirsten should get rid of Graeme Smith as captiain of the test side aswell. It sounds so fimiliar where SA captains are carried by their captaincy and not their performance. Wonder how John Shit is feeling lately?


PS: The Australian netball team won the series against New Zealand and are now ranked number one again!

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by Kevin D

Cape coloured NZ anthem for Newlands! Funny but kak!

October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey, my coloured brothers, enough is enough! For a democratic South Africa to really try and move forward and become a great country on all levels, this kak should stop. Ja, Apartheid was kak, but, it’s long pass its sellby date. It’s time to move on! Teach your kids the history of the new SA. Stop this clinging on to the All Blacks, as many of you have never ever been in NZ or will ever go there!

You are South Africans, so act like patriotic citizens.

Yes, many whites are still racist, and they should stop their kak aswell. many whites have turned though, and many were never racist. Ditto for blacks/coloured & others.


It will also have to come from the ANC government (wishful thinking) to get rid of reverse racism, ala, affirmative action and quotas on all levels! Merit should be the only criteria.

What do you think of this radio ad. yes, it is funny, but this will just encourage those to take it even further.

Go and listen at:

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by Kevin D

Ban the Haka and Dusautoir!

October 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Admittedly, the haka, is one of the greatest scenes on a sportfield. it not only gives the All Blacks a huge advantage, but it also excites the crowd. The fact that the French got fined $15000 for the reaction on Sunday is absolutely ridiculous! It that’s the case, that no other teams are allowed to react or ignore the haka, get rid of it!

Thierry Dusautoir, the IRB Player of 2011 is now under fire for alledgedly eye gouging Richie McCaw! Other Frenchies alledgedly spat at journalist! Wow, what is happening to our upper class game!


Vote on poll it the haka should be banned.

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by Kevin D

IRB awards! Henry & All Blacks, winners!

October 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

The IRB awards was held last night.

The winners were:

1.  Special Merit Award – George Smith

2.  Try of the Year – Radike Samo

3.  IRB Sevens Player of the Year – Cecil Africa

4. IRB Junior Player of the Year – George Ford van Engeland

5.  IRB Coach of the Year – Graham Henry

6.  IRB Team of the Year – All Blacks

7.  IRB Player of the Year – Thierry Dusautoir


I know Dusautoir was Man of the Match at the final, but, who is the Player of the tournament? Did they get rid of that award, as I still don’t know who was player of the RWC 2007. Victor Matfield won Man of the Match for the final, but, unclear who was Man or the Tournament?

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by Kevin D

Well done All Blacks!

October 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Baie geluk aan die briljante MR Richie MccAWESOME, die All Blacks, Nieu Zeeland, al die kiwi ondersteuners, Antjie, Antibok en KiwiMate! Jul is die welverdiende Wereldkampioene vir die volgende 4 jaar! Aan die ander, ‘another four years boys’!

Die Franse was briljant vannaand en was dalk die beste span op die veld. Maar eerlik waar, daar is ‘justice’ in vandag se lewe en die IRB se vlagskip is wenners en waardige wenners van die ‘holy grail’!

The French can only blame themselves tonight. Bad coaching or defensive pattern is to blame for Tony Woodcock’s easy try. Your scrumhalve should be behind your lineout players. This rubbish that you have your no.9 in the tremlines and your extra forward at the back, is an elementary mistake ‘Mr Watson’!

Piri Weepu, reckoned and glorified by many kiwis, were found wanting; and almost lost it for the All Blacks.Overrated and carried by good teams!

I’m not going to try and take away anything from the All Blacks win; but these two other factors helped the All Blacks, (to obtain something that took them 24 years, were as it took the Springboks 12 years); HOMEGROUND ADVANTAGE & CRAIG JOUBERT!

The last time the All Blacks lost at Eden Park was in 1994 vs the Frogs! The last time the All Blacks won the ‘holy grail’ was in NZ. I said it numerous times before, homeground advantage is HUGE!

I’m a big Craig Joubert fan; I think he is the best referee in the world. However; he was ordinary tonight. Richie McCaw, again came away with daylight robbery. Brad Thorne, should have been penalised a couple of times for early jumping in the lineout. The French were nailed for offside at the rucks; Morgan Parra (left because of a McCaw knee to the face) went early, detracted and didn’t have an influence on play, got penalised; but, the kiwis were not penalised for the same thing. The scrums, we know by now, is a lottery….the lucky numbers went to the All Blacks!

OK, I’m very happy for the All Blacks! They are not just the best at the tournament (the only unbeaten team), they are not just the number 1 IRB ranked team; they are and have been the best and most successful team of any sport and by any team, over last 100 years! Enjoy; you deserve it as no other team has ever deserved it!

PS: even Bok supporters must know acknowledge that I told you for years that the Boks won’t win it with John Smit, Pierre Spies, Bryan Habana and Morne Steyn. Those ‘old aged home’ team was not good enough!

PS: Graham Henry het ook ‘n groot fout begaan. Hy moes vir Sonny Bill Williams baie, baie vroeer opgestuur het. Ma’a Nonu, was baie goed intoom gehou, en nie ‘n faktor nie. Anyhow, die All Blacks het gewen.

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by Kevin D

Dejavu! All Blacks by 20!

October 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dejavu! Dit sal ‘n gepaste opskrif na Sondag se ‘holy grail’ finaal wees. Ek is egter so seker, wel, amper so seker soos die All Black ondersteuners, dat die wêreld se beste span die Webb Ellis sal lig, daarom nou al dejavu! Nes in 1987(All Blacks wen 29-9), gaan die All Blacks onoorwonne in die NZ se skouspel eindig. Die All Blacks gaan die Hane sommer vere en al, onder die val van die guillotine laat eindig. Ek het van die begin af voorspel dat dit die ‘maklikste’ Wêreldbeker van alle tye gaan wees. Die All Blacks is net eenvoudig te goed en in ‘n ander klas as enige span op moederaarde. Eerlik waar, dit is die vrotste Franse span nog by ‘n ‘holy grail’!

Klink alles so eenvoudig. Tog word die ‘holy grail’ op die veld gewen. Die Franse is alklaar moerig! Hul voel ‘beledig’ dat die All Blacks se ‘ticket tape parade’se rëelings glo al klaar ingeboek is vir Maandag!? Hul voel ‘beledig’ dat die kiwis dink hul maak net getalle op. EN dit maak hul gevaarlik. Die Hane het in 1999 en 2007 die magtige All Blacks hard af aarde toegebring. Hul het alreeds vir vanjaar se grootste Wêreldbeker skok gelewer om teen Tonga te verloor. Tog bly hul, die All Blacks se bogey span.

Die All Blacks het die Hane oortuigend geklop (37-17) in die Groepfase. Die All Blacks en die Hane het alreeds 50 toetse teen mekaar gespeel en die All Blacks 37 gewen, 12 verloor en 1 gelykop. Die All Blacks wen dus 74% van hul wedstryde teen die Hane. In Wêreldbekers is dit tans gelyk, 2 elk.

Natuurlik, is daar darem nog die Curriebeker in die Republiek. Die semi-finale om meer spesifiek te wees. Sal eerder daaroor praat as die Eendagkrieket uitslag teen die Aussies gister ;-)!

So kom sit jou’ balle op die guillotine’! My keuses in bold.


Wallabies vs Wallis


All Blacks vs Hane

Leeus vs WP


Haaie vs Cheetahs

Die peilings toon tans as volg:

Who do you think will win?

All Blacks 198 72.53%    
France 75 27.47%






Who would you like to win?

All Blacks 124 46.1%    
France 145 53.9%
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by Kevin D

RWC XV: Kevin D vs Bloggers!

October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Part 2: Pick the best XV players at this year’s RWC. For me only a few stood out: Mike Phillips, Martin Castrogiovanni, Sergio Parisse, Bismarck du Plessis, Gurhtro Steenkamp and Israel Dagg, should be sure choices.

Others brilliant:

15:Kurtley Beale & patrick Lambie

14/11: George North, Richard Kahui, Cory Jane & Francois Hougaard

12: Ma’a Nonu, Frans Steyn and Jamie Roberts

Openside: Richie McCaw, David Poccock, Sean O’Brien & Sam Warburton

Blindside: Jerome Kaino & Schalk Burger

In the following positions, no one really shone in all games:

Outside center, flyhalf, locks, tightheads.

OK, it’s your time bloggers. Nominate players for positions in your team. So far….

  Kevin D Bloggers
15 Israel Dagg Israel Dagg
14 Cory Jane ?
13 Conrad Smith Adam Ashley Cooper
12 Jamie Roberts Ma’a Nonu
11 Francois Hougaard Richard Kahui
10 Dan Carter ?
9 Mike Phillips Mike Phillips
8 Sergio Parisse ?
7 Richie McCaw Richie McCaw
6 Schalk Burger Sam Warburton
5 Victor Matfield ?
4 Brad Thorne ?
3 Martin Castrogiovanni Martin Castrogiovanni
2 Bismarck du Plessis Bismarck du Plessis
1 Guthro Steenkamp Guthro Steenkamp
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by Kevin D

RWC 2011 Best XV

October 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Let’s put our selectors cap on and pick the best RWC 2011 XV.

Here is mine:

  RWC 2011 Best XV Country
15 Israel Dagg NZ
14 Corey Jane NZ
13 Conrad Smith NZ
12 Jamie Roberts Wales
11 George North Wales
10 Dan Carter NZ
9 Mike Phillips Wales
8 Sergio Parisse Italy
7 Richie McCaw NZ
6 Schalk Burger SA
5 Victor Matfield SA
4 Brad Thorne NZ
3 Martin Castrogiovanni Italy
2 Bismarck du Plessis SA
1 Guthro Steenkamp SA

Depending on  Friday’s and Saturday’s performance, my Man of the RWC 2011 would be out of:

Jamie Roberts, Mike Phillips or Israel Dagg.

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by Kevin D

Habana on another 3 year contract with WP! Nooo!

October 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just when you thought that WP is on the right path to claim South Africa’s new ‘flag ship’ status, the men in charge foolishly signed the so over rated Bryan Habana for another 3 years! Why, why, why?

Apparenlty Habana signed for much less than what he could have received in Japan. Yes, he hold the Bok record for the most test tries……

He still remains the most clueless international winger. He has no idea what to do with ball in hand. He doesn’t have the ‘feet’ to beat opponents one-on-one. He doesn’t know how to use outside space. He has 50/50 hands. The only thing he can do is to rush up in defense (something that worked in 2004), but , has become a huge defensive pattern problem for the Boks with Habana over the last two seasons. His speed is also over rated.


PS: Very generous of the French to allow the All Blacks to play in their black strip after France won the toss to pick the colour of the jersey on match day.


Vote on polls:

Who would you like to win.

Who do you think is going to win.

Would should coach the Springboks.

Who should be the new Springbok captain.

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by Kevin D

All Blacks vs France finaal! Bye bye Bulle!

October 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Daar doen die Franse dit weer. Hul hoort nie eers in die kwarteind te gespeel het nie, maar volgende Sondag speel hul, in hul derde ‘holy grail’ finaal! Miskien ‘third time luck’!

OK, eerlikwaar; die feit dat die Franse nie eers met 15 man, die Drake met 14 ‘ysters’ verder as een skamele punt kon wen nie, is niks goed vir rugby nie. Dit is absoluut twak dat die Hane, nee Henne, ‘n kans staan om die gesogte kroon van rugby te kan wen.

Al wat ons weet is dat dit gaan ‘n herling van of die 1987 finaal in NZ wees; dalk sal die uitslag dan ook de ja vu wees. Die Franse nes die Poms in 2007, is slegs die tweede land wat dit kon reg kry om weer teen die wenner van hul groep in die finaal te kon speel. Dalk is dit beter om in die toekoms in die All Blacks se Groep te wees.

Wallis, jul het jul land met trots verteenwoordig en sal hiervandaan verder een van die groot honde wees. Dalk sal hier klomp jong Drake die beker verower in 2015! Die rooikaart was ‘n korrekte beslissing deur Allian Rolland. Hy was baie goed. Jamie Roberts en Mike Phillips is tans die beste in hul onderskeie posisies. Aan alle Walliese ondersteuners die volgende. Jul weet vandag amper hoe die Bok-ondersteuners voel. Jul was die beste span maar op die telbord was jul die verloorder. Gelukkig was jul nie verneuk nie!

Die All Blacks verdien die ‘holy grail’ klaar en gedaan. Hul is die onoorwonne span. Ironies dat veral Aussies kla oor die ‘aerial ping pong’ wedsrtyd plan van die Bokke, maar so wragtig, daar gaan probeer hul dieselfde. Jy skop nie op die All Blacks as hul agterste driehoek almal balvaardig is nie. Israel Dagg, bliksem, hy is so opwindende soos seks met lesbians! Of so hoor ek! ‘n Groot pluspunt, nee ‘n goue ster aan Graeme Henry wat Dagg bo Mills Muliaina kies. In SA sou Dagg moes terug sit vir die 100 toets ervaring van Mills. Vra maar vir Bismarck du Plessis.

Corey Jane was skitterend in die lug en ek moet bieg, Piri Weepu is klas. Aaron Crueden, take a bow. Laat een persoon my nou weer wil kom oortuig Richie McCaw is nie die beste rugbyspeler op die planeet nie. David Poccock probeer te hard wanneer hy teen MccAWESOME te staan kom.

PS: die ironie van alles is, is dat ek veseker volgende Sondag “allez le blues” gaan skree in ‘n herhaling van 1987 finaal! Ek glo egter die All Blacks sal met meer as 17 punte wen teen die Hane!

PS2: Wallabies lost because their Man of the Match, Bryce lawrence, didn’t play today!

PS3: die Bulle het nie vanjaar se Curriebeker uitklopfase gehaal nie. Foeitog! Bulle fans, moenie worry nie, julle het mos SA leeg gekoop so volgende jaar kan jul weer ‘n kans staan! Die wiel het gedraai!

Vote on (two) polls who you think and who you would like to win the ‘holy grail’!

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