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North vs South V1

March 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey blogland,

Looong time, no see. From me that is. I have been reading the other posts but have not had time to write my own.

Happy to see that Met Uysh called wallabokissass on the bullshit he writes every 3 hours. I thought that was quite funny and enjoyed all the “replays” of the stupid stuff wallboJackass has entertained us with over the months. My favorite is still the fact that he reckons Brok Harris is/was Bok material. I actually just fell of my chair again, laughing at that statement.

But this is not a personal vendetta with Kevin, but because he is so confident that the Stormers will win on Saturday, I thought I will just add my 3c.

The loose forwards:

Spies, Jaque Potgieter and CJ Stander vs Duane, Elstadt and Kolisi

I wasn’t very surprised when Coetzee named Elstadt instead of Koster. Koster to me is just another Kanko with less phusical presence. He has been shown up when playing against bigger packs and naming Elstadt in his favorite position was the way to go. Having said that, Jaques Potgieter is worth 2 loose forwards for the amount of work he gets through. And not only does he do a lot of work, he does is (Off the record) FUCKING (Back on the record) well. CJ Stander and Kolisi have both made commendable progress in their careers and have done their reputations justice with their showings in Super rugby thusfar. Spies is on the comeback trail and despite my reservations of him becoming captain, he has improved his work rate and performances week by week (Evidence – Refer to Man of the Match award against Reds).

Outcome: Bulls 55% Stormers 45%

The tight (light) 5:

Flippie and Juandre Kruger vs Bankies Bekker & Etzebeth

Mouthwatering stuff really! Probably the four guys in line for Victor and Bakkies’ spot in the Bok team at the moment. For me, the Bulls will edge this one based on fact that somehow Victor always but Bekker in his place in these matches (Refer to evidence – 2010 Super 14 Final) and I am sure that Victor would have given Juandre some insight on how to boss the Stormers at line-out time. Flippie and Etzebeth will probably cancel each other out at the rucks, wich leaves a mouth watering battle for the number 5’s.

Dean, Chilli and Werner vs Kitshoff, Liebenberg and Harris (LOL)

Easy one for the Bulls, 3 Springboks vs 3 “Never-will-be’s”

Outcome: Bulls 60% Stormers 40%

The Halves:

Hougie and Morne vs Duvenhage and Bash.

I don’t know what the Bash nickname means exactly but its definitely not because he tackels like Butch. I feel that the Bulls have the upperhand here as well. Morne’s kicking and Hougie’s abbility to change games will ensure that the Bulls win this all-important battle for supremacy.

The Centres:

Wynie and Sadie vs Jean and Juan

This will be an even battle. Jean has never made Wynand his bitch and visa versa, but I think the two youngsters will have a point to prove. Juan’s superior experience over Sadie will probably swing it slightly in the Stormers’ favour.

Outcome: Stormers 55% Bulls 45%

The back 3:

Basson, Akona en the Zane vs Habana, Aplon and Joe.

Again, very evenly matched. Aplon probably better than Akona, but Basson much better than Habana, even though Brian has improved since last year (Slightly). Nothing to choose between Zane and Joe, seeing that Zane has added joining the backline to his skill set.

Outcome: Bulls 50% Stormers 50%


I think the Bulls might just edge this game and I hope that it will be a game without any controversies or off the ball crap.

Unlike some other bloggers making comparisons and predictions, and leaving it there, I will revisit my post on Sunday and gloat/eat humble pie where necesary

Have a lekker one okes!

……..And world peace!

PS: Apologies for spelling etc. Ek is ‘n boer en het nie lus vir spelcheck nie!