2012: Some good, some bad

January 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello fellow bloggers,

I truely hope that all of you have had at least some sort of break from your jobs and that the time spent with family over the Xmas period was cherished and enjoyed to the fullest.

The theme for this post is not very specific but captures a summary of what has happened in 2012 so far, some good and some not so good.

It seems that all the South African S15 franchises are very busy with their pre-season preperations. As most of you know already my blood is baby blue and my favorite flower is the Barberton Daisy. The good news from the Bulls camp in terms of their pre-season prep is that Big Vic has joined the coaching staff yesterday as consultant and will no doubt add immense value, not only to the line-out analysis, but also the general structure of the Bulls’ game plan for the season. Some more good news is that the Bulls have not had any disruptions, other than Wynand Olivier’s injury, that I am aware of. The Cheetah’s and Lions have also been very quiet, the Cheetah’s less so, being added to the pre-season tournament to be played in the Cape. So on the premis of no news is good news, I am sure that the preperations in the two Cats’s camps are going as planned.

Unfortunately the same can not be said about our two coastal franchises. With Rassie apparantly being forced to leave Province and the Sharks to scared to play provibnce in the pre-season tournament begs the question what is going on in those franchises. The Sharks have also lost a fair amount of talent during the off season, the latest being JL Potgieter making yet another move, this time overseas.

I for one am very excited about the rugby season ahead. I am not expecting my Bulls to win much silverware this year (I am not writing them off) but with some very exciting youngsters, a new captain, and hopefully a tweaked game-plan, the prospects of what they could deliver is very exciting. What’s the saying? A change is as good as a holliday. In that case, the Bulls have had ample of both.

On the cricket front SA have had a very promising start to the year. Winning our first test series on home soil since 2008 has put away the lack of ability the side has shown recently to put away opponents in a test series. I must admit i was fearing a draw at Newlands after the dsastor at Kingsmead. I have to admit that JK had an absolute incredible 150th test and has shown the critics once again, that he is probably the most complete cricketer to ever play the game. Th ODI’s have also started with a bang under the leadership of myt favourite cricketer, AB de Villiers. I feel sorry for Graeme Smith and his curr4ent lack of form, especially with everybody else around him in rich vains of form, but the time has come for him to make a century or go back to franchise cricket.

On the “bad” side of the coin when it comes to cricket, what the hell has happened to India? The look like a team without guts, plans, skills, patience, leadership and most of all test cricket players! There current performances against the Aussies are nothing other than pathetic! Is the the result of Gary Kirsten leaving their structures or that their batsman are using the test matches as warm-ups for the opcoming IPL??

Also, the number one ranked team in test cricket England, or SA (A) if you prefer, have had a horrible start to their year. They are 111 for 7 (Nelson) at the moment. One would have thought with all the training camps they have had prior to the start of this series againsts the Pakistanis, they would have had a better start. On top of that, they have elected to bat first, and at 111/7, im sure that Strauss would rather have bowled first. Having said all of that, a test consists of 4 innings and not only one, so we will see if they continue the rot, or come back and prove themeselves the best at test cricket.

On a more personal note,I have started playing outdoor cricket again. The league is called Last man standing (www.lastmanstanding.com) and is played by amateurs. 20/20 8 a side with some interesting rules and loads of fun. If any are you are also playing in this league (it is played world wide) we can maybe deicate some posts to our stats etc….

Our team was off to a good start as we won our first game in the last over and here are my stats.

Batting: 5* of 5 deliveries to finish the game.

Bowling: 1 for 13 of 4 overs, having bowled in both the power plays.

Not too shabby for someone that hasnt played outdoor cricket in 9 years hey???

What has been some of your sporting/personal highlights/blunders of the year so far?

Peace out!


3 responses to 2012: Some good, some bad

  1. Your link takes me to some martial arts website?

    Would like to join if it is in Nelspruit as well.

  2. it’s actually http://www.lastmanstands.com

    i see Nelspruit does not have a franchise…still for sale.

    Maybe you should run with it :-)
    looking for investors….?

  3. Thanks huff! Nah, I’d rather play, leave the politics for the bored!

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