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Who will lead the men in blue?

November 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello blogland,

I haven’t posted in a very long time and the reason therefore is twofold.

1. I have been incredibly busy with work this year; and

2. I recently got married to my one and only :)

Now, not that I have not been reading the other bloggers’ posts, I have witnessed the whole debacle surrounding Wallabokiwi thinking that Brok Harris is Bok material as well as the Copycat saga that happened a couple of weeks ago. Very entertaining and also very juvenile. The entertaining bit obviously being the Copycat scenario and the juvenile part relates to Wallabokiwi sometimes insane utterances, especially surrounding Brok Harris.

Now, let me state categorically, that I don’t have a vendetta against Wallabokiwi, I just thought that seeing Brok Harris in a Bok jersey might just push me over the edge and make me stop watching rugby alll together.

Now, to the point of my blog……

With Matfield, Botha, Du Preez and many of the other senior players all gone, who is going to lead my beloved Bulls in this years Super 15.

On News 24 this morning they mentioned that the race might be between Chilli and Spies…… Are you kidding me?

Pierre Spies has only recently started his return to some sort of form. For the last 2 seasons he has been struggling to churn out the big performances that he did consistently in 2009. Back then he was a player that commanded respect and used his big frame to take the Bulls forward every time he touched the ball. He did some amazing things on the field and almost single-handedly destroyed the Saders in the Semi’s at Loftus in 2009. But this alone is not what makes a captain. Pierre has never struck me as someone who can fire up a bunch of guys when the chips are down. He is too quiet and soft spoken, for me, to command respect from a team like the Bulls, who can be at times, their own worst enemy.

Chilli will probably be my pick. He has come a long way from being the perceived “token” hooker alongside John Smit (After “Splinters” Shimange got the boot). He has silenced a lot of his critics over the last two years (including myself) by always making an impact, whether as part of the starting 15 or as an impact player. Listening to guys speak that went to school with Chilli and many of the 2007 boks that have now retired, it seems that Chilli has both the necesarry leadership skills and “fire in the belly” traits, that I look for in a captain. The fact that he is quietly confident in terms of handling the media also counts in his favour, and I feel that Spies still requires some work in terms of handling the media.

The dark horse in this race for me, is Dewalt Potgieter. This man has lead the Emerging Boks against the Brithish Lions as well captained the Boks in some midweek games on tour, and he did a great job I think. He reminds me a bit of Francois Pienaar in a way. He is still quite young, as is Pierre and Chilli, but I think the Bulls will do well with a young charasmatic leader, such as Potgieter. He is a very likeable character and his PR skills are nothing short of amazing. He is a hard worker and often bleeds for the cause.

For me, it will be between Chilli and Potgieter, and regardless of who gets the final nod, either one of the two, will have a massive job to get my Bulls without the old dependables, back into a winning habit.

What do you guys think?