IRB and NZ Rugby team

November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

It seems nothing has changed with the appointment of Bernard Lapasset as IRB chairperson as NZ rugby players are still given special treatment by the IRB, no matter what anyone says the World of rugby has a set of rules that they must follow or suffer the consciousness, the NZ rugby has another set of rules that they need to follow, but is not enforced. The following point is prove of this: Michael Rhodes was suspended for 7 to 9 weeks of rugby for hitting a player behind the head (Michael Rhodes was provoked and fighting for his life), Andrew Hore of NZ was suspended for 5 weeks for knocking the Wales player Davies unconscious in an unprovoked attack from behind his back that landed Davies in hospital. This is not the only transgression from the IRB on the World of Rugby with NZ players, with Thompson racking on a players head and only giving a few weeks suspension. If these offenses was done by SA rugby players they would get 7 to 11 weeks suspension.

Now I read that that the IRB and  Bernard Lapasset  has announced the 4 player shortlist for the IRB Player of the Year award and as you guessed golden boys Richie McCaw and Dan Carter are the front runners for this award then there are just for show England’s Owen Farrell and the French men Frederic Michalak, I am sorry for these two players, I am sure they played some amazing rugby this year, but they will not win against New Zealand player just ask Petrus Fourie du Preez as he has lost to McCaw when it was clear to the world to FDP should have won the award.

Last point I have where is Eben Etzebeth`s name for the IRB Player of the year award, he was by far the best player this year, O, I forgot he is not playing for the All Blacks…

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