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November 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

HM is destroying Springbok rugby, still using his 1990`s game plan, and taking one of SA`s best fly half’s and making him play like that idiot Morne Steyn, Pat is being destroyed by this stupid game plan. HM should get FIRED, as I think he does not know what the hell he is doing with the Springboks, it is like he has no plan of action for the future of Springbok rugby and just want to win, “does not matter how or who he destroys on the way” he is trying to save his job that is all he is doing. HM is picking players that can run with the ball in hand then tells them to kick and kick and kick the ball away, Zane should not even be a Springbok, but gets picked every game this year, Morne is in my eyes the number 6 fly half in SA, even Demetri is better the him, where is Bash, why was he not picked at all.

Why is HM playing players that are injured, and then picks a loose head to play tight head, it is like he has not learnt from the mistakes made by previous Bok coaches, wrong, wrong; everything he is doing is wrong for the Springboks, HM is living in the past, I feel he is still upset  no angry that he was over looked 5 years ago when PDV got the job, I do feel that a neutral coach, someone like Eddie Jones will be the best option to coach the Springboks as he will have no loyalties to any SA player or franchise.

I want HM to be FIRED, after what happened this weekend, I know how Pat plays for the Sharks and on Saterday the first time he got the ball he KICKED it, and KICKED it, that was instructions send to him, he does not play like that that is how HM wants him to play, wrong again.



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  1. I am a very passionate Springbok and SA Rugby fan, and I was very disappointed the past two weekends when I saw the why the Springboks play, this is why I posted the above post. I know the current top players in SA are much better than that and no one can dispute that!!!!!!!!!!

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