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Oscar shoots and Kills Girlfriend

February 14, 2013 in Other sports

Oscar and Reeva at the SA Sports Awards

I was shocked into a stunned into  “zombi-like” state when reading about Oscar Pistorius arrest aftrer alledgedly shooting and killing his girlfriend, FHM model Reeva Steenkamp, in the early hours of Valentines day.

With facts still to be made clear, all we currently really know for a fact is that a dead woman was found with bullet wounds in his home in Silverlakes, there was a 9 mm pistol, and Oscar was arrested.

It was rumoured that he thought she was a burglar, and shot her accidentally. This has not been confirmed as yet.  My initial thoughts reading this, though, was that it is indeed very plausible and that it may even have been a case of her wanting to surprise her beloved boyfriend with an early morning Valentines gift.

Not long after that passing thought, Heat tweeted that she was shot and killed by Oscar when he thought she was an intruder, while she wanted to surprise him for Valentines day.

Soon after, old articles of Oscar losing his mind when some guy was hitting on his then girlfriend came up, and suggestions arose that it wasn’t really an accident, and just like anything in the spotlight, the story gets more and more tails, depending on every person’s speculation of what actually transpired.  It’s natural. I had my speculation of her surprising him, him thinking that its a burglar and in shock and horror at “someone” “attacking” him in the middle of the middle of the nigh, he opened fire in fear of his life.

Now “reports” of domestic disturbances with screams being heard, but unconfirmed, the night before are surfacing, and the “obvious” conclusion is that Oscar is in fact a cold blooded murderer.

We can only, for now, speculate as to what happened last night and this morning.  With nothing being quoted from Oscar himself as yet, we can only wait and see what happens in court.  Had it been an accident or not, one can very well imagine the shock and horror both families must be experiencing right now. And nothing changes the fact that this is indeed a great tragedy.  Let’s not prosecute this guy before he even was in court yet.