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Lambie is the best flyhalf in the country

February 17, 2014 in Rugby, Super Rugby

No golden eggs for this Goose! Just laying!

No golden eggs for this Goose! Just laying!

The Lions upset the Cheetahs and the Sharks put the Bulls to bed. Yes folks, that was the first round of Super Rugby 2014 and my,how short was it? Almost as short as Tjokkie Norris’….uhm….oh wait, this is a family site…


So looking back over the past weekend, here’s a few things we can take away and look forward to (and not to) for the coming marathon of week in and week out Rugby. Yes ladies, your husbands are now officially back to the couch  on Saturdays and to the local pub on Friday evenings. Oh don’t complain so much, ladies, we moved the entire SuperRugby schedule a day forward so we could be with you on Valentines day!  Be grateful.

So here’s what we learned (and confirmed) ?

  • Welcome back to a much slimmer and fitter looking Frans Steyn.  Jean de Villiers suddenly has competition on inside centre.  He was solid on defense, carried well and cleaned up some spills nicely.  Also, that deft little kick for Odwa’s try was brilliant! Something he must have picked up in France.
  • Goosen is a walking injury. Ok we already knew that, but what we learned about Goosen is that he is not ready for SuperRugby. Nothing wrong with the boy’s style of play and talent, but his body is just not up to the challenge.  Take a year off totally and condition your body properly. But it’s like these coaches, they play the guys 4 weeks before they are recovered then stuff them up for life. I shouldn’t dare say it, but hell, I hope Goosen isn’t a story of what could have been had he not got a career ending injury.


The battle for number 8 is on!

March 11, 2013 in International, Rugby, Springboks, Super Rugby

With Pierre Spies’ performance this past weekend against the Blues, Heyneke Meyer will have taken note and may even be having a wry grin on his face.  Spies’ performances over the past few years were short of satisfactory, and along with his hand injury last year, allowed for Duane Vermeulen to step up and take his place in the Springbok camp.

Many viewers will regard Spies as the better player, but it is often the non-flashy players who are doing the hard graft around the park and goes unnoticed because they do not rely on open space to ply their trade as does Pierre Spies. Read the rest of this entry →

Stormers’ Flyhalf woes continue

February 3, 2013 in Rugby, Super Rugby

With Elton Jantjies allowed a leave of absence and Peter Grant still playing in Japan, it was an opportune time for Kurt Coleman to show that he is a capable replacement for either when the SupeRugby season kicks off.  He failed to impress though, and his woeful kicking at goal was further emphasised when the Cheetahs kicked a goal 50 metres out in the 81st minute to clinch the match.

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Boks lose their Spring?

August 20, 2012 in International, Rugby, Rugby Championship, Springboks

So, as expected the Springboks beat the Argies in what was, except for the injury to Bismarck and the thong flash of the physio/medic, a rather dull and lifeless affair.

I wasn’t impressed with how we played and the scoreline did little to give me any sort of hope that the Springboks are on the right track to become the 2012 Rugby Championship title holders. Let’s be realistic here, if we can only muster the equivalent of points against Argentina at home that the All Blacks put up against Australia, in Australia, there is something very wrong with our game. Read the rest of this entry →

SARU shows second face, again.

August 16, 2012 in Rugby, Super Rugby

Well, not only did we lose the Lions to the nasty underworld of Rugby politics today, but also one of my favorite bloggers, BayLion, who deleted his account after the news broke.

I can only imagine that his blog is not the only loss this decision will cause. Look, I guess we all knew it was inevitable. SARU was never forthcoming with a decision, and the only things they mentioned were that they are trying to work it out with Sanzar, that the Kings must be included, and no franchise will be impacted negatively. Now, I’ve for long knew that SARU cannot be trusted. They often do a round about on their word and this is not the first time they’ve shown what big fat liar they are.

But it is sickening the see it really happen and in such a blase manner. To think that the Golden Lions Rugby Union will not be negatively impacted by excluding them from the Super Rugby next year is a true indication of how narrow minded and idiotic the South African rugby administrators are. And what do they promise GLRU in return? “Oh, you’re screwed by the way next year, because all your players will leave because you cannot pay them, because you don’t have money because you don’t have Super Rugby exposure, but please try again to play with your dilapidated side against the Kings, who will have most of your players anyways, and play your way back into contention…for the next 2 years….” Read the rest of this entry →

Stormers must win, for SA’s own good! « For the love of it!

July 23, 2012 in Rugby, Super Rugby

First and foremost well done to the Sharks for a brilliant performance this weekend against the Reds. It was delightful to watch a match where a South African team played rugby with such fluency and flair that it seemed like a Mozart composition being enacted by 15 men in black. Simply stupendous!

But as the final whistle went, my provincial bias and competitiveness got the best of me, and as strongly as I supported the Sharks in the game, so strongly am I now against them. I am a Stormer, after all, and until next weekend, we’re enemies!

No doubt the Sharks are currently the form team in SA rugby and their supporters and all South Africans can be proud and excited about the manner in which they are playing as a unit. This is one team that’s not bother about running over the opposition, but rather making the ball do the work! Read the rest of this entry →

Genia the key for Sharks…

July 18, 2012 in Rugby, Super Rugby

End of the road?

The Bulls have all but been written off for their encounter against the Crusaders this weekend, while there is some hope for the black and white dynamites to come good against the Reds in Brisbane. Read the rest of this entry →

Super Rugby 2012 a success?

July 16, 2012 in Rugby, Super Rugby

So we were left with the last round of the 2012 Super Rugby season to see who the Top 6 would be! The top 2 were basically already established, with the Crusaders also confirmed as finalists, but the Hurricanes, Brumbies, Reds, Bulls and Sharks all had chances to make the finals.

And up to the last game of the last weekend, the final spots have not yet been confirmed. Read the rest of this entry →