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Marching to Pretoria!

May 10, 2013 in Babes, Rugby, Super Rugby

998_930[1]Time for the Bulls haters to get out their pitchforks, crucifixes and anti-boer spray! Here is the news you all know has been coming but no-one just wanted to hear or say.

Yes people, the Bulls are currently the team best poised to win the Super Rugby competition this year.  No, I’m not only talking the South African conference, I am saying the Super Rugby. 

The Bulls had a bit of an iffy start, while some other teams started with a bang and thrashed everything in their way.  But as we know, the Super Rugby is not a sprint; it’s a marathon, and if you do great in the first 5 rounds, it is not to say you will get anywhere near the finals. 

We have just passed the half way mark, and at the time where the tournament is gaining some momentum, and where the goats are being seperated from the sheep, it is increasingly difficult to see who the probable log topper will be. Read the rest of this entry →

Would you drink it?

October 4, 2012 in Babes

Imagine the sensations your body responds with as you consume the delicious aroma and taste of a cold drink, dripping off her sweet, perfectly shaped, perky breasts…

Now imagine drinking that from a bottle!

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Lekker braai!

September 21, 2012 in Babes


Hierdie naweek kan ons lekker braai,








maak ons ‘n slaai en na ons tiekiedraai gaan ons lekker kan…
















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The beauty of the Olympics…

August 3, 2012 in Babes, London 2012


So, when the SA swimming team have wrapped up all their events soon and with the Super Rugby drawing to and end, you might soon be out in the wilderness in terms of where to get your thrill fix.

Perhaps you are tired of watching gorilla-like, bearded women lifting weights, heavier than your mother in law and her chihuahua named squirt, over their heads?

Or tired of hoping for some eye candy in the women’s swimming events and then get put off by those huge, masculine shoulders and tiny boobs? Read the rest of this entry →

The way weather should be broadcast!

July 27, 2012 in Babes, Rugby, Super Rugby

Meet Jade Fairbrother, Playboy SA’s playmate of the year!

Tune into on Mondays to see her deliver the weather forecast. Whether or not you know what the weather will be like, it’s still worth watching, as in this, her first High Tech delivery! Read the rest of this entry →

Can’t we have Friday on Saturday?

July 5, 2012 in Rugby, Super Rugby

If, like me, you are a hard working individual who spends most of his day in a 3×3 office banging away at the keyboard without any hope of watching Rugby at the office, looking at the fixtures for this weekend makes for depressive reading.

On Friday, while I’m in my office finishing off my year end, the Chiefs take on the Crusaders and the Reds face the Highlanders, which is about as entertaining as you can get from the overseas teams this weekend, and then later on Friday night it will be another classic encounter when the Sharks host the Bulls in a must win match for both teams. Read the rest of this entry →