Super Rugby anticlimax

July 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Is it just me or is the Super Rugby turning a bit stale after the recent June internationals? This format is just killing the enjoyment of the game for me. I guess the only guys who are still really interested are the fans whose teams are still in with a chance for the top 6.

I mean, the only thing in the SA Conference that can happen now is for the non-contenders to scramble the top 6 around and do more harm to a conference sides chances than good.  Take the Stormers defeat of the Cheetahs for example.  All it did is make the Cheetahs chances less. Best case scenario they might end up having to play a knock out game against the Bulls, which will not help SA’s chances too much of winning the thing.

But really, is all this rugby necessary? JA, its been talked of at length and it will still be discussed until the cows come home, but the format just sucks.  Not to even talk of the spate of injuries occurring on both sides of the Pacific, not only weakening the competition, but also impacting on the coming Rugby Championship.

And just as the Springboks start to settle into some sort of structure on the park, they get dismantled again for everyone to go back and play a different game at their franchises. Only to get back together again a week before the first Rugby Championship test, counting the losses and fielding understrength teams.

JA, New Zealand and Australia suffer the same fate. And that’s the thing, we don’t get to see all the best players on the park. And this thing about all the friggen derby’s, come Currie Cup, we’re already tired of Western Province playing the CHeetahs twice in the Super Rugby and now we have to watch them twice more.

I would rather see every team play each other once in the Super Rugby and the top teams go through to the semi’s and finals.  I would rather see the top 4 teams from each country participate instead of wondering which of the other three teams will carry the wooden spoon. Who is worse, the Kings, the Force or the Rebels?

The Rebels lose Higgenbotham and they’re screwed. What can they really do in this competition? Rally for log position in the bottom half?

A sterling player like Kolisi now has a potential season ending injury. Likewise with Arno Botha.

You know its like a drug. It has a major kick when you start off….then your body becomes accustomed to the high, and the high turns flat. You need something stronger, something different. It doesn’t give you the high anymore…leaves you dissatisfied.  You can just as well leave it.  Then comes the JUne international, gives you a bit of a kick…then leaves you crashing down again…stuck with Super Rugby for the final few rigor mortis…

How long can you milk a cow before the udder gets empty….squeezing out a few drops of powder that does nothing to fill the belly. Yeah, I’ll back the Bulls and the Cheetahs to progress….but really, its a matter of formality to me. I don’t really care who wins this damn thing anymore.  I care about winning the Rugby CHampionship. Now, I guess that comes down to who is impacted least by the injuries, not who has the best team.

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  1. juan said on July 7, 2013

    I really think we should finish this year and go back to super 14 so the guys can have a break before the test matches we have lost J Goosen kolishi Botha ,Burger devillers de jongh and list goes on players need a break but i must say the bulls looking good

  2. Too much rugby leads to spectator fatigue (not to mention player fatigue), and there is a sort of “ho-hum I’ve seen this all before” feeling because its the same teams competing each year.

    Make it the Super 16, drop one Oz and one Saffa team, bring in one Argentinean team plus two from Japan, Tonga, Fiji or Samoa, then you have four pools of four teams, round robin home-and-away, top two play quarters, semis and final. Nine games max and the excitement of an annual draw to see who your team will play against.

  3. powa said on July 4, 2013

    Not just you check the crowds at the games…… dismal

  4. You said it Boet Im over this watered down commercial crap, bring back the round robin everyone plays everyone!!!

    • powa said on July 4, 2013

      wish they had a friggin like button. I would have clicked it 100 times

  5. We all feel the same about this matter. But unfortunately we all still watch the derbie games, and SANZAR sees that and think all is honkey dorey and that the people love this format. We should all stop watching and stop going to the stadiums, then SANZAR will have to wake up and reconsider this stinking format!
    But like Baylion said, they want to expand even more..Wish someone can go give them all a moerse PK and wake them up!

  6. I agree as well. I don’t think there is too much rugby, but I don’t believe in breaking the season like this. It’s bad for the players, teams and supporters. I would much rather the international games had been played at the end of super rugby, with the international season being continuous. It’s hard for the Springboks to really build continuity with things the way they are now. I wish I was watching them play the All Blacks on the weekend.

  7. I completely agree. The worst part for me is the fact that we are not seeing the best players and the best rugby. It is far too much rugby and no wonder players are rushing overseas. It’s really insane, we are in July and the Super tournament is still going. Not so Super.

    I also hate this break in between, whoever thought of that deserves a big klap.

    If I want to watch the local derbies I will watch the currie cup, I also do not want to watch the same teams play each other up to 6 times a year.

    I miss the Super 12, I really enjoyed watching the NZ vs SA games all day on a Saturday. Now if you are lucky there is one NZ vs SA game in the morning then local derbies all afternoon.

    Sad thing is that they don’t seem to want to fix this, they want to expand it even further!

    • Unfortunately stats show that the derby matches pull the most spectators so they will probably stick with double derbies

  8. We can only hope that SANZAR looks at a complete revamp later this year when they decide on the format and teams for 2016.

    With them set on expanding Super Rugby even further I hope they bring in a two tier system