Get your Braai On!

Check out these awesome Braai’s from Kalahari!  I mean, you’ve painted your Land Cruiser Blue, you hanged those Blue balls on the back, you got your Blue Bulls flags all over, and imagine the awe and amazement when you park near Loftus, and take this beauty, rugby ball shaped, all Bulls braai off the back to braai your lekker Blue Bulls steak!  The envy of everyone in Pretoria!


Blue Bulls Charcoal Braai

Click on the image to order yours now!bullsbraai2Oh, and you also get them in Shark, Lions, Cheetahs and Stormers flavour. Be warned though, that it is said that the Stormers braai leaves your steak a bit under done, and the Lions braai leaves a bitter taste in the mouth…..



  1. Leeubok:

    Wow, that red one looks awesome! Where’s the queen one?

  2. Met uysh:

    I think they discontinued it because it couldn’t keep the fire going long enough to cook the meat.

  3. Leeubok:

    By the way, daai girls kan enige tyd my vleisie vi my kom braai..

  4. Baylion:

    Dit help nie jy kliek op hulle foto nie, jy kan hulle nie bestel nie :)

  5. CT:

    …and you can only braai “klein worsies” on the Blue Bull one.

  6. Purple Dragon:

    Sorry, unrelated question but was wondering if anyone is able to watch their dstv sport in true wide screen? This is on the SD decoder. I know you can change the screen output but it stretches it out a bit when I put it on the “widescreen” view and I don’t like it being stretched.

    Seems a bit odd because ESPN classic is in widescreen but nothing else. I’ve also noticed that overseas sports comes in in widescreen and then they adjust it to be not widescreen if that makes sense.

  7. Met uysh:

    Have you checked your decoder’s ARC settings? Have a read here.

  8. Met uysh:

    I have an HD which shows a vastly superior quality picture than the SD channels, don’t know how I lived without HD for so long!

    ESPNC sometimes shows up with black bars on the side , which your decoder should do if it is set right.

  9. CT:

    PD, you may also want to check if your tv is properly set-up on your decoder by going into the menu and selecting tv installation. The code is 9949 then set your tv to 16:9 viewing as default.

  10. powa:


  11. Devan:

    Looks like these ladies are in real need of some “Wors”. Give their contact details and we can supply.

  12. provincefan:

    actually your tv is set up right. Dstv broadcasts some of the channels in widescreen on SD (movies, series, etc) but not all. unfortunately they dont do that for SS.

    What you can try… and i repeat try… is to log into your account and change your service to hd (not pvr). then try watching 211

  13. Purple Dragon:

    Ok thanks guys for the feedback. I will check it all out.