Only 11 days left!

June 4, 2013 in Rugby, Springboks

So with only 11 days to go, I cannot contain my excitement for MOB 2013! Last year was epic when we went down to Durban to watch the Sharks beat the Stormers, and met up with Playboy bunnies at Boulevards and just having a lekker jol, this year will be even more epic! Without the Bunnies of course, but this is the Bokke!

Imagine us okes, sitting around the camp fire on Friday night, Dutchman and his wife having a glass or two of Muscadel, Cecil Tires, Jaco and their Castle Lite’s, ‘n vleisie op die vuurtjie… ag lekker!

Then a lekker breakfast at the Spur early the next morning, and in at the stadium gates at 10:00 to start the fires, have our beers, have the best kuier since MOB2012, and then enjoy two Epic test matches, historic test matches being the first ever in Nelspruit, when Samoa do their War dance to the Italians, and we see the hard hitting Samoan’s try and decapitate the Italians.  And then, we see the Springboks take on the Scots, in what will definitely be the best game of this series.  We will listen to “Oh, cloud of Scotland”  being played by the live Scottish band, with hopefullya  few Scots int he stands singing their hearts out (I might actually learn the words just to enjoy the sing along) and then we get the Springboks, the National anthem in a full Mbombela stadium….goosebump stuff. Standing shoulder to shoulder with my best mates, of whom I’ve only met Cecil Tires, hands on our chests, painted in green, with BOKKE painted in yellow on our broad and proud chests! Man, what an occasion it will be!


10 responses to Only 11 days left!

  1. Muscadel you say… Going to be an awesome time!

  2. I’ll be watching in some little pub in Scotland. Enjoy!!

  3. i will be seeing you at the stadium. hope you do not mind but I will be bringing my brother and my mom….

  4. The playboy bunnies sounds better… LOL

    • They were pleasant conversation and nice to look at and pose with. You should have been there!

      Won’t have any of that this year,just because they won’t be around here, but I think the game and the company will be good enough to be memorable!

      • “They were pleasant conversation and nice to look at and pose with.” Ja sure.. LOL

        So have you given old dosie, ag I mean Sherrif’s, ticket away yet?

  5. CT said on June 4, 2013

    Heaven is a place on earth!