Centres of attention

April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

So Meyer has selected his preliminary training squad and I think he has selected the centres who were showing some form.  Given the performances to date, it leaves me wondering what the centre combination will look like come the test season.  The surprising inclusion for me however was that of young Jan Serfontein. Now he will in all probability not make the final squad but he has hardly played any meaningful Super Rugby, so he has obviously been selected based on his potential as displayed for the Junior Springboks, Vodacom Cup and the media hype around him.

Be that as it may, its interesting to see that JJ Engelbrecht has somehow lost out, while his selection last year deeply frowned upon.

Frans Steyn has shown a vastly less than adequate form. This is what happens when these guys get married….Look at Morne Steyn last year also after he got married.  Co-incidence, or is there something to it when young players suddenly get married that their form takes a dip on the field and the form around the waiste gets well, uhm, rounded?

To me the form centres have been De Jongh and Ebersohn.  But I wouldn’t risk playing them both in the Bok starting line up.  My centres would be De Villiers, who is probably already a shoe in, while De Jongh has performed well consistently for several years now. He deserves a spot.  How Ebersohn and Serfontein will feature, is a bit of a mystery, while I think Frans Steyn should accept that his best position is at full back, and he will be more beneficial to the Springbok side in the 15 jumper than anywhere else in the squad.


Your thoughts?

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  1. The replacement for JDV is Jan and he is bigger than JDJ and Ebersohn,I think Ebersohn should come on as an impact player while he is getting the feel for int rugby and show Meyer that he doesn’t need to be big to go over the advantage line.Also can’t wait for PSDT and Etzebeth as our future lock combo

  2. To be honest I am hoping ever so slightly that the they play JDJ outside Serfontein at some stage.

    • They will in 2014. Jan Serfontein is only 19 at the moment and still qualifies for the Baby Boks this year.
      He has only played a bit part season for the Bulls thus far and would not throw him to the dogs.
      Let him develop through the year and then maybe at the EOYT give him a run of the bench?

      • There is no way I would start Serfontein. He still has to learn a lot and mature in his decisionmaking.

        But, if we’re up by 20 on Scotland and there is 15 minutes left on the clock, I dont see why Jean couldnt take a break and Jan have a run… Rotation and all that. Especially if that was the point where Spies came on for Duane.

        They’d probably play Jean outside Jan instead of JDJ since you have to think that’s how he will learn the most. On the other hand JDJ did do a very good job of it in the Currie Cup and stepped up as a leader in the backline.

  3. I did not watch the Crusaders game was on holiday. But in the rest of the games esp. the last 2 Jean has shown glimpses of his old self setting up tries for De Jong. I know he isn’t the same player he was in 2005-2007 but still I think he is miles ahead of any of the youngsters to date. I deff keep him at 12.

    At 13 we have JdJ who has started to fire after missing the opening few matches. Ebersohn is good and can play 12/13 so won’t mind if he plays. But personally I would stick with the Stormers combo.

    Sad thing is Whitehead’s injury I really rate him and the Sharks really misses him. Would have loved to see whether he could still play at that level without Freddy at his inside.

  4. I was watching a program on ESPN 2 last night on the 2007 world cup. Back then Frans Steyn was in good shape, now he’s twice that size.. He seriously need to cut some weight and get into shape again! And yes, I would also play him at 15 then.
    As for centres, for now HM will stick with JDV as captain. I also dont think he’ll make it to the next world cup, so HM will have to find a new captain and start playing a new centre combination.
    Although I also think de jong and Ebersohn might make a good combination (certainly on attack), we all know HM prefers bigger players so we can only dream about this. Maybe thats why frans steyn got so fat… Hmmmm…

  5. How Dare you call Frans Steyn. . . .No you right he’s a fat oompaloompa, don’t bring him near the 13 and 12 jerseys, not untill he loses some weight at least

  6. I’d go with Ebersohn and De Jongh for the first game, we won’t know if they can cut it together until they have a chance. De Villiers won’t make it to the next WC so I think we need to find his replacement sooner rather than later, lest we have another Smit/Bismark issue on our hands.