The 2013 MOB, don’t miss out!

March 25, 2013 in International, Rugby, Rugby Championship

I am sure there are many of you who regret not having been to the inaugural MOB last year in Durban, where some of the bloggers met up for the weekend and watched the Sharks thrash the Stormers.

This year, the MOB has been set for the weekend of 15 June. It’s a long weekend, so if you don’t have any plans yet, you do now! And if you do have plans already, well, cancel them, cause you don’t want to miss this one!

Zebra and Giraffe, the picturesque Mbombela Stadium

They key attraction for this year’s MOB will be the first ever Test Match the be played in Nelspruit. Not only will one be played, but two! The Springboks, Italy, Scotland and Samoa will be at the Mbombela stadium in which you will get two tests for the price of one!  Tickets are set to sell between R350 and R500 and unofficial reports are that it WILL BE SOLD OUT!

 We need numbers. Phone numbers, number of people, number of nights, medical aid and Swiss Bank Account numbers! (Ok, not those last two).  Tickets need to be bought, accommodation needs to be arranged and depending on how the group feels, a trip to the Kruger National Park will also be arranged. 


Meet the King of the beasts!

So, Baylion, step away a bit from your PC for a bit and live a little by coming to meet up with us in the sLowveld. De La Rey, Sheriff, LeeuBok, Darwinia, Hanjo, Bloues, Dutchman, LT, REM and all the other guys and gals, come on over!

Only 80 days until the MOB 2013! Are you guys ready to have a blast?


16 responses to The 2013 MOB, don’t miss out!

  1. Yeah, will probably take mine with as well, someone has to drive ;)

  2. I think you are thinking off Nylstroom, (now Mokgopong, I think) that 1 is near to Bela Bela!

  3. Okey, people, Nelspruit is NOT near to Bela-Bela its in Mpumalanga, in fact the capital of Mpumalanga, on the news they call it Mbombela, but its not official yet! Its on the N4 going to Mosambique!!! Hope you will come! !

  4. Where, what’s Nelspruit ? :)

    • Nelspruit is that “drie letter dorp” north of Bella Bella on the way to Polokwane, isn’t it? :)

      • Ooooooooh! That place. I was going too fast to see it the last time I was up that way. Must have missed it completely :)

  5. If Sheriff is not going, I am in. :)

    • Lol! Come now, this is an ideal opportunity to dish out those PK’s you been wanting to give him! And yes, he is coming!

  6. Sounds like fun! Will consult my “bank manager’…

  7. MU, would have loved to but I’ll be on a Free State game farm on the Lesotho border for the weekend – an annual family hunting, drinking, braaiing getogether.