Pre-meditated Murder

February 15, 2013 in Other sports

The Late Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pretorius

The Oscar story has just been so gripping for me the past two days, I couldn’t care less what happened with the Test Cricket, the Super Rugby kickoff in Australia, or the meteors crashing into Russia.  Don’t ask me why it intrigues me so much. I don’t know myself. But I want to know what happened. I HAVE to know what happened. I want to know WHY did Oscar shoot Reeva? Was it an accident? Was it in a moment of blind rage? Or was it, as the state is arguing, premeditated?

It sounds too far fetched to believe that a normal person such as Oscar, who’s had a good upbringing, have helped so many others and has been such in inspiration for many, many athletes, even able bodied ones, would regress into killing another person. Not to speak of his own girlfriend. Not to even contemplate that he planned it.

It is difficult to remain objective when all we hear are the Police reports. Everything is being built up against him and all the evidence is pointing against him.  However, what we do not have is the defense’s case. Remember that the Police is not there to be objective.  They are there to build the case against the suspect. And the stronger case they can portray, the stronger their chance of successful prosecution.  And that is what they do.  The Police won’t even hint to a possible defense for Oscar, it will jeopardise their case.  So, if all we hear are the prosecution’s case, it is quite logic that the “trial” in the media and published to the public, will find in favour of the prosecution.  As it stands, Oscar has already been trialed and found guilty by the general public and the media. Even Radio 702 presenter, John Robbie, has suggested Oscar is guilty, tweeting that ” #OscarPistorius story shows us that violence against women is not a class and race thing, but it happens across the board”

I’ve been hooked on Twitter this morning to try and get an answer for all my questions, but the news just got worse and worse. Oscar is now being held in jail over the weekend on request of his lawyers to allow them more time to prepare for his bail application.  Oscar is being charged with pre-meditated murder, meaning he the prosecution believes he planned to kill Reeva.  Oscar did not plea to the charge, and I don’t think he was asked to.

It was reported that he was clearly in a traumatised state, sobbing and crying uncontrollably throughout proceedings. Now, we have to wait until next Tuesday for the next instalment of this gripping story. And until then, the tasteless jokes will continue, the ongoing speculation will continue and no one will really know why Reeva Steenkamp was killed. Except Oscar.

*Reeva Steenkamp will be seen in the Reality TV Series, Tropika Island of Treasure 5, which premieres on SABC1 on Saturday 16 February at 18:30.

5 responses to Pre-meditated Murder

  1. It’s a sad reality we face in this country. Just because I am licensed to keep a handgun, does not mean that I will point it at people entering my premises. I am sure that many of us that is objective will wait for his defense and hopefully media whores like Rapport and Beeld can bring us constructive media coverage instead of speculation.

  2. Yes he did loose his temper at someone who stole his GF ( as if I wouldn’t) and he kept guns, BUT WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE PRICE OF CREAM CHEESE. Also people comment about how he cried foul after that one race, yet they cry foul about a simple bit of bad umpiring or maybe a try off a knock-on in S15 that goes on to a try? Innocent if he can’t be proven guilty, 2 years solitary for accidental homicide sounds fair. The police can only say what they think happened.That is the law, but the media and police (read crooks that get bribes) make it look one sided.

  3. btw
    Pakistan all out for 338.
    South Africa 65/2 at lunch.
    Rebels beat Force 30-23.

  4. Wow. This lady was gorgeous. How the hell do you shoot someone like that?
    Seems like there was much more going on that night in that apartment. I wouldn’t be surprised if other parties are involved. I think that the police and Oscar are not revealing all the details.
    All we know is that this lady got shot.

    • So you are saying if she was ugly it would be justified?

      Home, not apartment, there were also no other people connected to the scene except for Oscar and Reeva.

      Lets keep those conspiracy theories to ourselves.