Stormers’ Flyhalf woes continue

February 3, 2013 in Rugby, Super Rugby

With Elton Jantjies allowed a leave of absence and Peter Grant still playing in Japan, it was an opportune time for Kurt Coleman to show that he is a capable replacement for either when the SupeRugby season kicks off.  He failed to impress though, and his woeful kicking at goal was further emphasised when the Cheetahs kicked a goal 50 metres out in the 81st minute to clinch the match.

In a time when the Stormers’ depth at flyhalf was tested with Gary van Aswegen, Lionel Cronje, Burtin Francis and even Dewaldt Duvenhage thrown into the mix, one would think that the Stormers flyhalf stock is adequate to provide cover for the season.  However, with Elton Jantjies appropriately experienced in SupeRugby and Peter Grant well versed, it is concerning that there is not much left after them.  Should the injury curse strike the flyhalves again, they might again be in for a long season.

It is a great pity that Dimitri Catrakilis has left for a starter position at the Southern Kings, as it would have been quite revealing had he played for a side with enough quality to bring out the best in him.  At the Kings however…as they say, your flyhalf is only as good as your pack, and I’m concerned that he might regret the move once the Kings are dealt their umpteenth hiding in the “Big Boys'” league.

Coleman will have to step up, there is no other choice. Aside from van Aswegen, who hasn’t seen a game in quite some time, Coleman is the only one who can back up the two key flyhalves.  And with goal kicking being of the utmost importance for the Stormers’ game plan, a kicking performance like this past weekend’s will surely not suffice.

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  1. Like I have said a million times. The Stormers problem lie at scrumhalf not flyhalf. The moment they get a player that will attack the gainline, then the tries will come. When have you ever see Duvenhage attack on more then one occasion?Just saying…get that channel going and your backline, laden with Springboks will score tries, that is if your centres start passing the ball because that right there is another problem.

  2. I think most sides would struggle to find 3 top flyhalves. Besides neither Jantjies or Grant are injured. If one of them misses the 1st game or two it is not a train smash. Depth is also about utility players stepping in. So if need be Pietersen can play at flyhalf & do the goal kicking. What I am saying is you can’t have it all and will at times need to make adjustments. Sides that do win S15’s

    • It seems like only yesterday when we ripped through all our flyhalves and even looked to Earl Rose to come in at one stage.

      Last year it was the loose forwards. I wonder what’s it going to be this year.

      The problem with the Stormers style is that , being defense oriented, it puts enormous physical strain on the players. Their aggressive defense, which is extremely effective, is what, in my opinion, causes many injuries in the campaign, and leads to the inability of the players to capitalise on opportunities, running out of steam so to speak.

      Their style of play requires them to be in top physical condition, perhaps in better condition than the majority of the teams, and I am not sure if they are. As it is, Burger is still not ready, and De Jongh has an injury from last weekend.

  3. Not to muck about, but a fist choice XV for the Kings will be competitive. The only area they might lack is at prop.

    Signing Andries Strauss to play 12 has made their intentions clear. They are going to do a lot of kicking, and play 10 man rugby with the Argentine sniping ever so once in a while.

  4. its so sad for you to claim that you have the know-how of rugby, and yet even before the season starts you already proffesing the worst for the Kings. Are you maybe abit biassed due to the Watson hook-up there.

    Blue Bull and Kings supporter here mate

    • Not sure where I claim to have the “know-how” but thank you for the compliment!

      Not biased at all against the Kings, I just think they don’t have quality players to do any better than the Lions, and other than that, they are a bunch of liars, but that’s just my opinion.

  5. How bad are the Lions? Loosing against a U/23 Bulls team?? Lions rugby will never stand up again .. mark my words … EP KINGS ON THE RISE!

  6. It must have been Coleman Snr who picked the MoM … Colemand Jnr wasn’t even close to being average …. shocking!

  7. The Stormers has Duvet, Louis Schreuder, Deon Fourie na dBrok Harris as backups. And the they can always call up Burton Francis from Griquas and Earl Rose from wherever (Somerset West?)

  8. He (Coleman) was man of the match.. What are you on about?

    • Don’t know why he was selected man of the match, but really did not do enough for me, especially his kicking at goal.

      Maybe it is just because he is the only guy on the park who played for 80 minutes….

  9. Agree his kicking at goal was not up to scratch.
    But his general play was not to bad. His tactical kicking was pretty good.
    If I am not mistaken he won man of the match.

    Anyway Stormers create plenty of try scoring opportunities and screwed up quite a few.
    In the end the Cheetahs was lucky to win but good on them they never gave up.

    • Same old same old Genrl. We always create many opportunities but convert 1 or none.

      I’m worried that we’ll again sit with last year’s problem if Duvenhage and Grant are the halfbacks. I liked how Schreuder was playing yesterday and Jantjies also a much more exciting prospect than Grant.

      • Agree think AC (and stormers fans) are banking on Jantjies to get the backline going.
        But for me if you want to play an up temp game then Groom needs to be your SH not Schreuder.

    • Lucky, ppffffttt! The Cheetahs played like Trojans and Juan is a huge inspiration for the team, looking forward now that they actually showed that they can tackle.