Boerseun is Back!

January 31, 2013 in Rugby, Super Rugby

At last! We can see some Rugby again!

Ja, ok. Last year we saw way too much rugby.  But to go “cold turkey” for nearly three months is just agonising to say the least, and neither the Heineken Cup, Top 14 or Aviva Premiership can fill the void that’s been left.

It’s not SupeRugby yet.  But it’s almost as good. It could have been better though.  If the Bulls were playing the Stormers and the Ceetahs were playing the Sharks, the rivalry between the sides alone would have been worth the admission price.  But I will take the Bulls vs Lions and the Cheetahs vs Stormers any day of the week over Bordoux vs Northampton on a lily white pitch of snow.

It’s not that I don’t like Northern Hemisphere rugby.  It’s just, I struggle to enjoy a game where I have very little interest in the result of the match.  Why should I care who wins between Munster and Stade France? And even if I should find a good reason to care, who do I root for? It’s unlike when Saracanes plays Toulone and we can see some of our retired Springboks on display. But the result of the games are still irrelevant and I rather watch American Idols and laugh at the idiots who think they can sing.  Oh and then there are the contestants…

But finally, this weekend, we can enjoy some real rugged Rugby! Played on hard soil, between hard men (and a few Bulls players) who don’t give an inch, no matter if it’s just a “warm up” match.

One thing in particular I look forward to is the return of Boerseun, Juan Smith, who returns after a 2 year injury lay-off.  Most have written him off, saying he will go back to his slaghuis and chop up beef strips for a living for the rest of his life.  But Boerseun has some unfinished business it seems.  The questions he needs to answer is whether he is fully recovered from his injury and can his ageing body take the punishment of a Super Rugby season after such a long lay off? Can he recover his pre-injury form when he was consistently one of the top players in the Springbok squad? Can he lift Willem Alberts, Marcell Coetzee, Duane Vermeulen and possibly even Schalk Burger out of the Bok squad?  Can he overcome Heyneke’s affinity for Bulls players and even beat Spies, who has more reason than ever to pull his finger from his backside, to the squad? Yes, I know they play different positions but there is only so much place for looseforwards and surely Heyneke will be tempted to experiment.

Since SuperBru is not running the warm up games, let’s pick our winners here and see who walks away with “warm up” honours.

Who will win this weekend?

Cheetahs vs Stormers – My Pick: Stormers

Bulls vs Lions – My pick: The Bulls babes.

2 responses to Boerseun is Back!

  1. I would also go Stormers but will go Lions.

  2. The Felions vs the Bulls Babes should be the contest of the weekend. :)