Armstrong: You can’t win 7 times without doping

January 18, 2013 in International, Other sports

Lance Armstrong’s confession to Oprah was aired on American Television last night.  It will be aired on DSTV tonight on TLC, something I am not sure I am interested to watch.

It’s difficult buying into someone like Armstrong, coming out to confess, after lying so much to everyone for years, almost decades. It much reminds me of when Joost all but talked himself into a corner during his stripper scandal, and then came out telling everyone that he is telling us all the truth in his new book, and now we must buy it.

Just how much money Oprah made from this screening, this EXCLUSIVE interview, and what Lance may have been paid to come clean exclusively to her, must be quite an attractive amount.

Having kept only a tiny peep onto what was said, the one thing that so far caught my attention was Armstrong’s answer when asked: “In your opinion, is it humanly possible to win the Tour de France 7 times in a row?” To which he answered, “No”

I can imagine that many youngsters who dreamed of one day being like Armstrong, have had their dreams shattered by the confirmation that Armstrong achieved all he has by the use of illegal substances. By cheating. And not just a minor little transgression, a sophisticated and elaborate scheme designed to make him super human.

Is there anyone who will ever be able to win the Tour de France by a record consecutive amounts without being suspected for using performance enhancers?  With the elaborate scheme Armstrong nearly got away with (in his opinion he would have had he not made his comeback), will anyone ever accept that someone can achieve the impossible (according to Armstrong)?

If I was a talented cyclist competing at that level, this would have been my motivation.  A star has fallen, and there is place for a new one.  It would be my sole goal, to win the Tour de France 7 times in a row, without using performance enhancement drugs, and show the world, including Armstrong, that you do not need to use drugs to be an amazing and incredible athlete.

Here’s hoping that Lance’s words and actions will not be a final nail in the coffin of dreams that wilted under the allegations. Here’s hoping that there will be someone, somewhere, looking at him and saying “You know what, you ARE a liar Lance. Why should we believe no one can do it without doping? I will show you”


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  1. Skies man, het nie gesien jy het ook ‘n Lance blog nie.

  2. Ag if he doped he doped.I don’t care about TDF anyway…bring on Super Rugby

  3. I watched the Oprah interview and what struck me was that he was still lying even now. He is still manipulating public opinion or trying.
    He is deff a sociopath and can lie with a straight face without remorse.
    But I do believe he is right in saying it is impossible to win 7 in a row without doping. And there is nothing wrong with it. To win the tour once or twice is a huge achievement already.
    As for Lance he should either come clean totally and name and shame all his co-contributors who are still involved in cycling.
    OR he should be forgotten so that he will end up the way he started before doping a nobody!!

  4. Lance fought off cancer and is the founder of Livestrong which now helps millions of cancer fighters. If he haven’t won the TDF (with doping) I wonder if he would have been able to start Livestrong? At least something good came out of his doping.

  5. Oprah noticed something was wrong during the interview. Not what she expected. Hope they (media) forget about him, but a movie will definitely come from this.

  6. @Hennie – there were always whispers, rumours and doubts about Armstrong, I have not heard them about Bolt
    @ Sherri – it is a big deal and if you don’t get it…. well… you don’t get it
    @ Bullebokke – agreed

    • @Czardas, I recall Carl Lewis suggest something to that effect about Bolt. And get what Hennie says, if Armstrong could get away with it so long, why can’t others? I guess the issue is, since no athlete could be involved in such an elaborate scam without the help of specialists, if they do dope, how long will their trusted partners stay quiet?

    • anyway Cycling is for men who shave their legs

  7. I just wonder about all the other sportsmen and woman, Usain Bolt comes to mind etc, with Lance it was easy, because he involved the team and maybe he did something to the other team mates which let them “Split” on him. The other question i got is, why if they new and even maybe participated did they wait until he retired?? What i don’t understand is that during his active period he was tested and found negative, how come now ?? How did they do it, and if they managed to cheat the system, then surly other sportsman and woman are using the smae method???

    • Hennie, agree, the thing is the atheletes need outside help to stage such an elaborate scam as Armstrong’s. I found this on the web regarding how Armstrong cheated.

    • Hennie, the reason he tested negative (although there are rumours that he bribe officials even if he denied it in the interview) the tests for EPO and blood transfusions weren’t advanced enough.

  8. I don’t get what the big deal is, he wasn’t the only one that did it, the entire team as well as riders on other teams did it. he’s just more famous than anyone else thats why there is so much attention, I honestly don’t believe it deserves any attention, yawn, rugby and cricket please

    • Sheriffff – FAF must be doping, the whole protea team must be doping. How can one team kick ass in the aussies and pommies’ backyards. :-)

    • Sherrif, doping + doping does not equal the right to dope. He was the leader of the team and he did not lead by being a good example, but rather by being a bad example. Although he didn’t create the culture of doping he participated in it and won 7 times due to being a cheat. It is a big deal because if cyclist can do it then surely other sportsmen and women can do it as well. Hell even rugby players dope.

    • The big deal is he sued people who dared to oppose him.
      Broke peoples careers who did not want to dope. Ruined peoples lives who told on him. And much much more.
      No one else did that.

  9. lance hounded and bullied with his pack of lawyers anyone who suggested he was doping. He slandered and humiliated friends, fans and anyone who showed him out. He has still not come clean about everything.

    whatever good work he has done, it will ALWAYS be overshadowed by his years of lying and cheating. This will be his legacy and what he will be remembered for even after we are long gone.

    He had many years to come clean, in stead he bullied with his pack of lawyers (he is never without them, even had one with him on oprah) everyone, profitted from lying and cheating and never showed remorse.

    Now that he is caught out, now that the funds are drying up, he is reading for the book and movie deals as that will be his only source of income.

    He says himself he is a flawed carracter, well, he is SERIOUSLY flawed, pathological if you ask me.

    For me it is neither here or there, I thought he was a good bloke, I could not care less for the doping, but the lying and the bullying that went on inbetween is what makes me not like him at all anymore.

    Sadly for him, this is how his legacy will go down in history…