No Cup is Safe – Brilliant!

January 15, 2013 in Other sports

Watch this hilarious Nike Golf advert featuring Tiger Wood and Rory Mcilroy.  Seems like Noke forgave Tiger, or did they? Click on image for the link.



2 responses to No Cup is Safe – Brilliant!

  1. My two favorite players.
    Nike has always stood behind Tiger even after the scandal broke. Rory’s 5 year deal with Jumeirah Group ended a month or so ago, and they didn’t offer an extension leaving Nike open to offer him a shitload of money, and with two of the best players on the circuit on their payrol, they cannot go wrong.
    Stangely enough, Adidas has always challenged Nike at whatever sport they could, be it rugby or football, but never so much in golf?

    Damn some days I wish I played golf for a living.

  2. Maybe Noke and Nike did…