Vampire Knight inspire Hippo to replace Boks?

November 28, 2012 in Humour, Other sports, Rugby

It’s no Hippo!

I can imagine the confusion of the title of this post for some of you okes.  Allow me to ellaborate. Yesterday I heard that the AFCON Mascot has been chosen and it’s name is Takuma.  Weird name, i though, but went along with my business as usual.Then this morning, I heard on the radio that Takuma will be the mascot for all South African sports codes and that it’s here to stay. So I wondered what this Takuma looks like and Googled “Takuma”.  Well, imagine my surprise when it came up with all kinds of Japanese Anime images, instead of Sports figurines! The actual Takuma ranges from a cartoonistic Vampire Knight to a Japanese Racing driver.  The Takuma that Sascoc chose for the Afcon, is this Hippo.

All confusing really.  I mean, yes get the new mascot and everything (and forget about the 2010 Soccer World Cup Mascot….what was it’s name again? Shakira?) but at least give it something of an African, or South African name! Now we have a Japanese Hippo running around supporting South African sports!

Maybe it should have been a Rhino…to create awareness of how the Asians are the major cause of the slaughter of Rhino’s in our country…

What also bothers me is the fact that they say Takuma, the Vampire Racing Hippo, will represent all SA Sports. Well, does that mean Bye-Bye Bokkie?

And does that mean the Springboks will now be know as the Hippo’s?

Mind you, the way they’ve been playing this past year, they may as well ;)

5 responses to Vampire Knight inspire Hippo to replace Boks?

  1. Looks like Takuma’s from the cape flats…

  2. Finally, that clears up Cruy-Cruy’s “ears-of-the-hippo” statement. Still so hip an with it!

    Watch this space when next year’s test season starts and jerseys need to be handed out or the anthem needs to be sung!

  3. Meyer said he likes them big and strong and they don’t have to sprint @ all but I think they said it was a mascot for the Fowards and a statue of liberty for the backs as they just stand and watch the action from the field WHAT A VIEW

  4. Yes have to agree with HM new game plan the Hippo’s are a lot more accurate name than the Springboks.

    Springboks are small nifty footed fast gazelle. Hippo’s are slow strong and big just like HM likes his bok backline!!!

    So until the next coach I think SARU should change the Bok name to the Hippo.

  5. hahaha. nice