Inspiration for Pink Bulls jersey design?

February 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

So the Bulls are breaking away from tradition and what worked so well for them in the past, and is making an extravagant change to their away strip.

Now I know there will be fans that won’t be happy seeing their team run out in pink, and I can’t blame them, I won’t be happy either. But as long as the team wins, does it matter what they are wearing? Right? Still, even as a non-Bull supporter I would hate to see them lift a trophy in that strip…although Meisiekind will feel right at home in it.

I wondered why they came up with this lightning and pink design and google provided me with the answer.


Recognise this Bull? Doesn’t it look so much like the jersey? 

This is the Bull at the NYSE crocheted by NYC street artist Crocheted Olek and it seems like this was done in 2010 already…

Olek writes: “It was truly a year of guerrilla actions that opened a new path in my crocheted investigations. I started it with a bike and ended up with the Charging Bull as a Christmas gift to NYC and a tribute to the sculptor of the bull, Arturo di Modica, who in another guerrilla act, placed the bull on Wall Street in Christmas of 1987 as a symbol of the ‘strength and power of the American people’ following the 1987 Stock Market crash.”

Read more:


I won’t say its gay or anything, but it certainly could be aimed to bring out the softer side from their supporters…

And it will certainly make Pretoria a bit more colourful with not only Blue hanging from the back of their cars…

But I feel the most sorry for Bulletjie….


Just to top it off, Wynand Olivier can now have his favorite drink, and fit in with the rest.


34 responses to Inspiration for Pink Bulls jersey design?

  1. great stuff!

  2. Comment from a SHARKIE:…Haaa ha ha ha haaaaai! Oooooh oh no! ha ha ha ha ha oh my soul … mmmmmmm ha ha ha haaaaa! It’s…it’s … ummm…HA HA HA HA HA…eina pyn!…so funny!…eish!Its okay though,no really,it is…wear your pink and purple creations with pride…ek gun jou dit…BUT PLEASE DON’T DRINK PINK DRINKS! Real men don’t drink pink drinks! Also, it might be unwise for supporters to wear the shirt after a drinking spree, because that purple zig zag design is inclined to make me feel nauseous, even WITHOUT a hangover, so imagine if you have one…eish!

  3. Easy, that team has name. :) and their defence was something I have not seen since the Helgard Muller days.

  4. The German SS has finally come out of the closet – we welcome the pink swastika.

    Heil Pink Nulle!

  5. LOL – I think “Cedric” and “Steve” from Long Street concur with that !

  6. This will make us all rethink the slogan “GRABBING A BULL BY THE HORNS” !
    (A pink unmanly Blue Bull may just insist on this…;)

  7. Ya Steve Hofmeyer is going to be first in the queue for one of those.

  8. Only means nothing if your team got slaughtered by the team that just got slaughtered by the Bulls. hahahaha

  9. Just tell that guy with the pink and the big horings he is a moffie….

  10. Pink is SO not gay, doll…. ;)

  11. Ja, its them.

  12. no, just suggesting the whole pink is so gay mentality is a stone age mentality…

    good explanation. – not buying it though

  13. It’s no big deal. Stade Francais started playing in pink quite a while back. So has the Pumas and I think Boland as well?

    It’s not the pink that I dont like, the overall zigzag design looks crappy to me.

  14. I think it’s clever… now every game at Newlands will feel like a home game…

  15. He’d be like a full stop at the end of the line

  16. I think its Stade Francais.

  17. Ek dink iemand het n brainfart gehad. Wat van probeer die trui geleidelik verander in een van die meest konserwatiefste gemeenskappe in die land. Nee kom on fokken verander die hele donnerse ding in een moerse kots aanval. Ag wat as hulle wen maak dit seker nie saak nie.

  18. Now he can also put in his pink hairpins…

  19. Ja, also can’t recall the name of the french club.

  20. hahaha!

  21. Ag Dar, just ask a Stormer, warm-up results meaning zilch.

  22. What you mean “not being from the stone age”? Are you suggesting I am? Cause I’m not.

    It’s not so much about the pink as it is about the change in colours. Why don’t they keep to the white and blue away strip? Even if they just made the White/Blue strip less white/more blue ot more white/less blue, but it goes about a complete makeover which reduces its “Brand” value. Ever seen Coke change their Red cans to pink? There’s a reason Coke is one of the TOP brands in the world. If the Bulls run onto the field, everyone knows its the Bulls by the colours they wear. Now, if they run onto the field, people will ask, who’s this team? Oh, it’s the Bulls. Aren’t they blue? Uhhmm….not anymore…ja….

    It’s a radical change and one that deteriorates their brand value, around for 100 years. That’s why I wouldn’t be happy.

  23. Oops, would be funny if 1 bull forget his blue jersey and pitch up in this in a home game.

  24. Arme Meisiekind lol

  25. Why wouldn’t you be happy Uysh? if your team played in pink? maybe not being from the stone age, I don’t get it…

  26. So much for not doing pink drinks! A copy and paste marketing ploy they got from the french club (can’t get to the name now). Not very original…

  27. Bulletjie is now Trulletjie and Loftus is Moftus

  28. It’s not Loftus anymore. It’s Moftus now :)

  29. run riot being scared that is ; )

  30. wait for loftus, Sharks are gna run riot

  31. Classic, my appologies I wanted to rate this excellent but i pushed the wrong button Sorry about that. Excellent post!!!!

  32. haha the vodka looks nice though.

  33. I think the jersey is stunning. Go boys. Did you see the warm up against the cheetahs Uysh? mmmmm…Bulls not looking too bad!

  34. haha, was waiting for one of these