I know these are the rugby and cricket blogs….

August 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the movie “Annie Hall” Woody Allen asked Dianne Keaton what she did for sport. She replied “swimming”. Woody chirped that swimming is what you do not to drown, sport you do with a ball.


Regardless, our Olympic champions Cameron van den Burgh and Chad le Clos deserve all the accolades one can possibly bestow on them. After the disaster of Beijing we now have two gold medals! For Chad to pip the legendary Michael Phelps was truly a moment to remember.



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  1. Ii was BRILLIANT

    • Hi Powa, can you comment on my blog without the stupid captha stuff? Also is it always necessary for me to first moderate a comment? It’s such a schlep.

  2. Indeed a hug achievements by Chad.

    Coming into the games he was rated nr 8 in the world in this discipline,

    Thus his goal was to make the final and the maybe have a chance to win a minor medal.
    His aim was always to gain experience at these games and then target the next Olympics to go for medals.

    His swim last night was phenomenal

    Was great to see how well Phelps took the loss as a chatted and laughed with Chad.

    One of the major sporting achievements by s South African…EVER.

  3. PS: I hate this new platform so very much!

  4. Dar – I want to know why those two one eyed Brit trolls Kitchener and his clone Lord Toucan, are suddenly so quiet. They were going on about South Africa’s poor Olympic results in times past and what do we have here – RSA 2 Golds, GB Zip.

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  7. I watched both LeClos and van den Burgh’s events and it was fantastic to see them win! It’s just such a pity that the SA politicians will take all the credit for their hard work. These guys basically fund themselves with little help from the government. I wonder how they feel to be representing the dumb politicians?

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