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How great we are…

November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today on the blogs some debate ensued about the fact that South African sport fans don’t tolerate mediocrity. I find that amusing. Here we are, couch potatoes, watching sport, and we talk about what is mediocre and what not. No wonder our sport stars are often so arrogant. They must howl with laughter  reading the blogs and contemplating our informed opinions. (This is sarcastic in case anyone missed it).


Lets do a test: The current Protea cricket team would all be amongst the top 500 best cricketers in the world today. (I know quite a few are amongst the top ten, but lets stick with the top 500). I would like to know who of our blogging community have represented their country at the highest level in sport and whether you were amongst the top 500 in the world. Please provide verifiable information. Then if you did, I would like to know how your winning statistics compare to this current Protea team.


Anticipating the reponse I realise that sport is not our profession. So, using the same argument, please provide proof that you are amongst the 500 best in the world in your profession, job, studies. If you are the majority shareholder in a company/companies, provide proof that your company/companies are a top 500 company. That is in the world and the top 500 are listed.


Perhaps you are a sublime musician. Furnish proof from the Julliard School of music that they consider you one of the top 500 on your specific instrument (MUSIC PLEASE).


If you are unable to provide the necessary proof, let me break the news to you gently: YOU ARE MEDIOCRE. We all are. That is why we are blogging about sport and not opening the batting for South Africa. That is why we have time to blog. Do you think Bill Gates, Richard Branson or Patrice Motsepe spend their time blogging?


Do any of you actually play any sport? Gym does not count. That is what we try and do not to get fat. Do you participate on a regular basis in any sport? If you do, what is your win ratio? Better than the Proteas?


I am not sure if this is original. It sounds so good in the context that I suspect I got it from somewhere but here goes: MEDIOCRITY BREEDS CONTEMPT. Think about it.