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All dressed up and nowhere to go…

August 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

 In anticipation of seeing the fastest man in the world do it again today I thoroughly enjoyed watching the IAAF World Athletic Championships today. The Kenyan women cleaned up in the 10 000m and Etheopia crushed British dreams in what was an amazing 10 000m for men.


Then the British commentators started building up to the blue ribbon event of any athletic championship, the 100m sprint for men. It was a foregone conclusion that World Record holder Usain Bolt would win. The interest was by what margin, and in what time. May he improve on the best time for this season, may his own world record be under threat.


Usain in his inimatable way joked, entertained the crowd and played to the cameras as part of his standard warm up routine. Down in the starting blocks and the fans of speed, power and masculinity were holding their collective breaths for the blast to come! It did not. Bolt bolted. Out of the blocks a fraction too early with instant disqualification to follow. The blast was not even a whimper.




I suspect he might have had his sights set on another record. Otherwise this indiscretion makes no sense. Now all the fans of the marvellous Jamaican will hope he gets his timing right in London next year.