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The switch or the con

July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Recent reports have it that Patrick Lambie will now start at flyhalf and Morne Steyn at fullback on Saturday.

This may be true, or it may be just another chapter in the maverick rollercoaster that has become Springbok rugby. Personally I hope it is true. If one needs a reliable plodder in a team, that would be at fullback. That would be Steyn. He has safe hands and a glorious boot. He has experience. I hope he will tackle. I doubt if he will drop the team.

If this rumour is true it is a clear indication that Div has seen the light. Finally he had the long overdue Damascus experience. Pat Lambie is a must for us at flyhalf. Hallelujah!

This startling news plucked me from a fairly depressive state of mind about Saturdays game. I still think we are going to be hammered, but at least there is now an interesting angle to look forward to.