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Net innie Kaap

March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is an extract from the official transcription of the altercation between Advocate Nehemia Ballem and Judge Bozalek in the appeal of Godfrey Manxilane in the High Court, Cape Town on 25 March 2011 (Case number A32/2010). The full translated transcript is available here:


It appears that advocate Ballem did not pitch for the appeal hearing and only arrived much later when the Court was able to locate him.



” MNR BALLEM: Presies, toe kry ek die boodskap dat u bereid is om te wag vir my, nou is ek hier.


HOF: U was nie betrokke by n ander hof vanoggend, was u?


MNR BALLEM: Ek was nie betrokke nie, Regter, ek is nou hier.(Slaan op bank)


HOF: Meneer, u moet u houding – u moet…(tussenbeide)


MNR BALLEM: Maar dan moet u ook nie kom…(tussenbeide)


HOF: U moet versigtig wees met u houding, mnr Ballem voor die hof.


MNR BALLEM: Maar dan moet u nie ook kom met n houding nie.


HOF: Verskoon my?


MNR BALLEM: Ek sê dan moet u nie kom met n houding nie, want ons is altwee groot mense, ek is nie jou kind nie.


HOF: Mnr Ballem, ek moet vir u sê…


MNR BALLEM: Ek sê ek is nie jou kind nie.


HOF: Ek moet u waarsku u …(tussenbeide)


MNR BALLEM: Jy maak net wat jy wil, maak wat jy wil.


HOF: U maak u seil baie naby aan die wind.


MNR BALLEM: Jou ma se poes,man, fok jou! (Mnr Ballem verlaat hof)


HOF: Me van Rooyen?


ME VAN ROOYEN: Ek is nou nie seker wat ek daarop kan antwoord nie, u Edele…”




Advocate N Ballem…balls or bonkers?


The latest explanation from advocate Ballem in the Cape Argus is that he was drunk. Clearly the advocate has picked up some tricks of the trade from his esteemed clients over the years. The favourite and most successful defence in the Cape Courts is: “Ek was nie daar nie, maar as ek daar was dan was ek dronk.”


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