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“I do love cricket, it’s so very English” *

November 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

The British do get it wrong so often, don’t they? Take the Monarchy for example. If they don’t chop off their  wives heads, they lose their own.



HenryVIII…he got some heads rolling



Charles I…just could not keep a cool head


The British just kept getting it wrong. They dribbled our great grandmothers into consentration camps just to get their sticky paws on our gold.



My great grandma said everything at the Durbs consentration camp was shit except the surf. Even the Brits could not stuff that up.






They gave us cricket. And for that all their sins are forgiven.


The essential difference, as a spectator, between rugby and cricket for me is this: Emotion. I am completely unable to watch the Boks or the Bulls lose and still enjoy the game. I can not appreciate good play by some players if the team I support have lost. I definitely can not appreciate good opposition play. A lost game results in doom, gloom and depression.


Not so with cricket. Sure, I always want the Proteas and the Titans to win. But I go to cricket to enjoy so much more. Any good batting, bowling and fielding is appreciated, no matter if it happens to be the opposition. The tactics of both Captains are scrutinised and discussed. A lost test match, where I had the privelege of seeing the legendary Sashin Tendulkar collect yet another 100, is an enjoyable test match. This goes for all the great players of the best game on the planet.


Now we are all yet again marching to Pretoria for the first test between the two best cricket test playing nations at the moment. Centurion (Supersport Park) is a fabulous ground to watch test cricket. A five day test is essentially a carnival with scantily clad youngsters showing off beautiful bodies, all and sundry consuming copious quantities of Castle Draught whilst watching top notch test cricket. Lunchtime at Centurion the entire cricket ground turns into one massive Braai with all the trimmings. It is close to the maximum fun one can have legally.


This time will be no different. I hope to see Tendulkar and Amla get centuries, I want to see Tsotsobe pocket a fiver and Harbarjan spin the ball, I want to see us one-nil up on day five. But if not, I know this much to be true: Fun will be had by all.



Dazzling good looks for the sun scorched eyes



A star is born



*Sarah Bernhardt, French actress who also loved cricket