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Whose line is it anyway?

July 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Spiro Zavos on The Roar: 5 July 2010:


Spiro quotes former All Black Great Chris Laidlaw speaking about the Springboks: ” They have the almost perfect blend of strength, bulk, pace and guile… The Springboks have adapted to the new rule interpretations surprisingly well and they have no hang-ups about having to entertain the pundits as well as win.” Spiro goes on to say: “He (Laidlaw) also argues that the Springboks are better in ‘every respect’ from the team that won the 2007 Rugby World Cup. I’d agree with this and his comments about the strengths of this present Springbok side. It is one of South Africa’s greatest teams….This is one of the great Springbok sides which has achieved that enviable habit, the habit of winning.”

Spiro Zavos on The Roar: 27 July 2010:


The loose cannon of world rugby is not …Brendan Cannon…but the Springboks and their coach…From being the dominant side in world rugby, the Springboks have become (out of South Africa) at least, an ordinary side.”



Spiro Zavos must be the worst journalist on this planet. I wanted to limit the statement to the worst sports journalist, but then realised that no limitation was needed. Now, either Spiro was on drugs on 5 July, or he was on drugs on 27 July. One does not need to have ANY rugby knowledge to realise that these two statements, three weeks apart, have zero credibility and can only be utter rubbish. So, which part is the unremitting nonsense? Or might it be both. No matter really, this much all know: Spiro does not know rugby, or his arse from his elbow (or, most probably, both).

Spiro distinguished himself even more: From High School history teacher to ….author of note! He wrote a collection of autobiographical short stories called ” Faith of our Fathers.” Now I ask you, what sort of megalomaniacal delusionist, would think that ANYONE might even be remotely interested in reading about his boring little family life???

This is the man who, from swooning with Laidlaw about the Boks abilities a mere three weeks ago, now calls us thugs, dangerous clowns, abusive, sinister and cynical. AND THEY CALL US PARANOID!!

Spiro in pondering mood…looking a bit gay actually.

The younger Spiro…do buy his book…a riveting read.

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