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Cheating…….or playing the game?

June 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

This post is for Arkenaten and Pedro.

Much has been said about the Lampart goal/not goal/defnitely a goal scenario.

This is my take. I am not suggesting that I am right. It is just my view, it is personal and it belongs to me.*

Sport, like life, have rules. As long as one plays within the rules, it is NOT CHEATING. The ultimate (and only) judge of fact in cricket is the umpire. Thus, if for example, Ricky Ponting stands his ground after nicking one to the keeper and waits for the Umpire to decide whether he is out or not, that is NOT CHEATING. It is playing by the rules of the game.

Similarly, if Richy McCaw wins a ball from a clearly off-side position, passes to Rococoko who then scores and the try is allowed, That is NOT CHEATING, it is playing within the rules of the game.

In life, the same principle applies. The Revenue services allow certain deductions for  tax purposes. Utilising that in a business, as long as it is within the boundaries of what is acceptable, is not cheating, it is playing within the rules. Every person accused of whatever crime has the right to plead not guilty and ask the State to prove it’s case, even if they full well knew they have committed the crime. Pleading not guilty is not cheating, it is playing within the rules.

I am happy to play sport, and life in a society where there is an objective set of rules policed by officials specifically appointed for the job. Some calls will go for one, some against, but mostly the ultimate result will be fair, just and egalitarian. Rather that, than leave the judgement of what is right or wrong to every single one of the six billion inhabitants of this planet.

This is the World according to Darwinia. It is a simple world, but then, Darwinia is a simple person.

The above philosophy then dictates that the German goalkeeper can not be called a cheat even if he knew the ball crossed the line. He played by the rules of a game in which the referee, and the referee only decides when a goal has been scored.

* The Monty Python Ms Elk skit.