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player exodus

January 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

i am not a nay sayer and i really hate to be critical in a negative light. that having been said i feel it pertinent to highlight Juandre’ Kruger’s choice to play in france. while it is clear f. louw was a revelation in the fetcher role throughout the season¬†and having heinko in the scrums against the irish was helpful too. but come on people and come on sportsman we need to develop a local brand of rugby that is unbeatable and i think if you don’t play in south africa you should be allowed to play in the green and gold.

ruan pienaar was another player who played above average and forced me to admit that he was the better scrummie of the season when placed against vermaak and hougaardt.

but i watch super rugby and i’ve struggled to watch a full eighty of the northern hemiphere rugby. it is slow and often dominated by the kicking tee and referee. that being said it is where the next world cup will be held.

so back to the point at hand. here we have one of the two prospects for the RWC2015 leaving SA to ply his trade overseas, not able to attend workshops because of the fact that overseas clubs do not have to abide by SARU edicts or policies. and the seasons are so congested what whith SR and the inbound test window and then there is the championship to think about…

i saw a headline the other day about Dan carter being offered obscene amounts of money to play in europe but the beauty of NZRU is if you don’t play in NZ you can’t be an all black. so as long as DC wants to wear the black and white he will never take the big money.

in the end we are not NZ we are RSA but i think that to be the best in the world our internal competition for position needs to be played out on our soil.

the way SR goes and the international window and RC and the out bound tour are there is space for a lot of players to get exposure. what SARU need to put in place is a system of compulsory rotation. if they don’t i fully expect the players union to insist on it. it’s tough and the body can only take so much before it goes bust. i think the reason why these players are leaving for the north is the slower softer competition and the money but the slower softer competition is a serious problem when it comes to taking the step up.

just my humble opinion and i am not the coach. 100% bokke behind the team until the end!!!!