never too much for a fan

November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

I enjoyed every momemnt of this year’s southern hemishere season so much so that i barely recognise that it has been all year until i look at the calendar and think three months before SR starts.

there have been the arguements that there is just too much rugby and that the fans are all rugby’ed out but i can’t say that i feel that way at all.

on the other hand the players are a different story. i really feel like for a team to be successful in this era of rugby from feb to dec we will grow depth we never thought imaginable. team will need four players in each position that can seamlessly replace each other and a rotational policy will be essential for the longevity of players. just think if we as Springboks could choose any number of players and regardless they would be world beaters.

of course this would require some form of common sense and as i’ve heard it said “common sense is not all that common”, in all likelyhood is going to take sometime. i want to wach a rugby match every weekend of southern hemisphere intesity for 52 weeks of every year.


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