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Mr Heyneke Meyer had a pretty rough start to the international scene with many of our supporters not quite being able to understand his reasoning.

And if HM is honest some mistakes was made. Like playing a really out of form Morne Steyn which did not help the Boks nor Morne. Picking truly unbalanced loose-trio’s with one combo being Coetzee, Potgieter and Alberts. Playing JdV at 13 instead of 12. And first trying to force Hougaard to be a kicking scrumhalf and then trying to force him to be a wing. And I could continue but this is not what this blog is about.

HM has really grown in his coaching and although his coaching methodology has never changed his squad did.

Bringing back Flo from England was a master stroke and getting him to gel with Vermeulen just balanced the loose-trio. Of coarse he has been fortunate enough that Steyn regathered his form and that some players like Eben and to a degree JJ has really grown since last season.

Also he is surprisingly fortunate that some players are injured all of F.Steyn, Hougaard and Spies might have made decisions difficult and then the dynamic of the team might not have been the same.

Win or lose on Saturday it doesn’t matter he is really building towards something and with some players still coming back from injury (like Goosen and Taute) and others getting more experienced like Jan and Willie we might be peaking at the right time come 2015.

Some would argue that with a few changes the Boks can be even better atm but that has always been the case that some will rate some players higher than other and some won’t
A coach can never satisfy everybody but atm one can’t argue that this team looks well balanced with the x-factor players in between the more structured players. It is no good having 7 Willie Le Roux’s in your backline.


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  1. ” It is no good having 7 Willie Le Roux’s in your backline.”

    That is true, just ask the Aussies. However, and provincefan will disagree, we need that one Willie in our team. He creates opportunities for others, again provincefan will probably say for the other team as well.

    • I’m being painted as a Wilie hater, which isn’t accurate. :)

      My only gripe with Willie is his technical ability when at 15 and his ability to stick to defensive structure when on the wing. Every technically minded rugby person I have spoken to shares my concern.

      I thought he stuck well to the D pattern on Saturday, and i was very impressed with that (and i actually mentioned it on the General’s blog on Monday i believe). The impressed part of it has to be tapered by the fact that we were always on the front foot when defending, and the probability of that happening against the Blacks is much lower. I will be VERY surprised if we bully them like we did the Aussies.

      Willie looked good at 14, and will probably help JJ cope better with his outside shoulder D than Basson did (since Willie also likes to tackle in and Basson likes to drift) This weekend wil be a better test of the man.

      But since everyone wants me to rain on Willie’s parade so they can have a shout at me: Do you think that if we concede a 5m scrum in front of the posts against New Zealand we will come away without conceding points like we did this weekend? If Willie had a right foot of any kind it would have been a lineout on the 22, but because he had to run around the posts to be able to kick he was tackled in goal.

      • I was only pulling your leg mostly…
        I agree that there is a lot Willie can still work on, but for me he, and that is just my opinion, is miles better than Basson at wing. I agree that he will have to learn to kick off both feet, but Habana was also not well known for his kicking game when he started out. Habana also get’s flack for defensive problems, i.e. he jumps out of line for the intercept, but what makes them both better than their competitors in SA, at the moment, is the fact that they go and look for work. A wing like Basson just stays on the wing and if no one passes the ball, he just stays there.

        • If he’s not going to play 15 I don’t mind if he can’t kick of both feet. He had a good game this weekend. I’m looking forward to see if he can repeat it. Savea brings a different skillset and can burn him for pace

          • Yip, Savea is fast and for me Willie should stay at 14. Lambie at 15.

          • The thing is… I wouldnt pick him over a inform JPP. Just beacuse JP offers so much. And I would pick Jacque Fourie over everyone at 13. And somewhere Frans Steyn has to make a comeback.

          • I am trying to reply to you bottom reply:
            Yes, JPP is very good there, but that is why I said “at the moment” and at the moment JPP is still injured. Frans should get fit and get his speed up and then he could challenge for 15, but that would be against Lambie and a couple of other contenders. Since his return to the Sharks he has not been brilliant at 12… Just my opinion.

          • All in all, this can only be good for Springbok rugby!

          • JPP is in Japan and thus unavailable for the RC and is only available for EOYT and June tests.

    • I go with prov fan on this one but he explained it better than I can. Willie needs to be taught how to kick off both feet. A 14/15 needs to at this level

  2. I actually think Taute is going to struggle to make it into the bok squad this time round. If he can make it back to his best he might be on the bench but at the moment who would make way for him/

    • Have to agree, Taute’s season at the Stormers was a far cry from what he achieved at the Lions. If he got found out, he has to realize that great players bounce back. That man has got a huge boot on him and should maybe get a go at 15 and not 13 as was the case at Stormers.

    • True he won’t walk into a bok squad nor should he.
      But some of these players like Zane, Chili and Vermaak will really have to play exceptional rugby to make the squad next season as being overseas HM will find it difficult to judge the level they are at.

      Local player will thus still have an advantage.

      On Taute he had 4? games an looked a bit out of sorts for the Stormers but they had JoeP as their premier kicker so that did not help.
      I believe next season he will be back to his best.

  3. Have a look at Jantjies, played great rugby at the Lions and when at the WP, he struggled to adapt. Being back at the Lions he seems to be regaining some form again. Hopefully Taute adapts better. With JoeP not at WP anymore, he should make 15 his own

    • That fact that Jantjies was on a rugby field at all during Superrugby was incredible. With the amount of emotional trauma he had to cope with it is VERY impressive.

      Taute just never found form, and then got an ugly injury. At the Lions they couldn’t replace him with anyone, so he could find form the easy way. He does tick most of the boxes required when he is on form, and should therefore be better off next year. He’s going to be the only big guy in the back 3, since its probably fair to expect Kolbe and Aplon to man the wings.

      Will he be good enough to justify being the Boks first choice fullback? Not if Lambie plays at 15 next year during Superrugby.

    • Well Jantjies had an off season at the Stormers for many reasons.
      He is back at the Lions now but this is CC not SR and the gap is huge esp this season.

      So his real test will come next SR. He always seems at his best come CC for the last couple of seasons but then can’t quite make it at SR level. He then maybe has 1 or 2 good games.

  4. Same can be said for Elton Jantjies. Both him and Taute stood out at the Lions maybe because the game plan suited them more or because everyone else on the Lions team wasn’t as good. No offense regarding Taute but with Zane being the current blue eyes boy to HM, there is still Lambie, F Steyn and don’t tell me they are centers as well because we have enough centers around. Is HM seriously going to drop Lambie for example when F Steyn comes back seeing as he can also cover 10, 12 and 15?

    Zane didnt do badly at all over the weekend but same as someone else said earlier, he also didnt do anything that any other full back in SA could have done. Point is, Lambie, F Steyn, Aplon are all multi-talented players who can be safe, secure, mr reliable BUT they also possess something else. For the moment, I’m content keeping Zane at 15 for the sake of continuity but I seriously don’t see him as our saviour or game breaker in RWC 2015 …

  5. Taute, Jantjies and Kirchner are all non-starters for the RWC, none of them are good enough. We have J.P. Pietersen, Francois Steyn and Johan Goosen on the mend as well as Jan Serfontein on the bench. In fact we have a tremendous depth of young players like Pieter Steph du Toit just waiting for the opportunity – if things go well injury wise we will have a formidable team in 2015.

  6. Well said General..
    I myself am a little bit worried about HM’s loyalty to players like Spies & Hougaard but i think by now it should be obvious to the coach that Vermeulen is a better option than Spies..

  7. Stop blowing this guy’s trumpet. He has made palooka coaching errors. Just cause the team has beaten the ailing wobblies everybody is going on how great this guy is, but forget the previous match where the BOX struggled against the argies. If the BOX beat the kiwi fruitloops this weekend, its cause of the players, not the coach. But he’ll deserve a bit more slack then I guess.

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