Bulls plans nearly worked!!!

August 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Bulls coaching staff knew that with this specific team their chances of winning were pretty slim and thus concentrated on the things they could control the set phases. They picked two no 5 locks and a very tall 7 flank for the line-outs and a very strong scrumming front row.

And it nearly worked with them in the end getting penalties at will come scrumtime. Young Mallet and Wepener was just to strong for old Brok and Scarra. And the new law changes will make it difficult for a guy like Brok, who like his Aus counter parts like to use some underhand tactics to stay in the contact. With this being the first game with the new laws a lot can still change and a survivor like Brok might find different ways to “compete”. They packed weren’t helped by van Aswegen who overcooked 2 restarts.

But what the Bulls won in the set phases they lost in open play and cross defense to help their pretty green outside backs was non existent thus WP running in 3 easy tries.

In the end the WP was lucky to score a draw and do still have a lot to work on esp up front. On a positive note for them their backline did look pretty dangerous with ball in hand and van Aswegen’s ball distrubution was pretty good.


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