HM chooses continuity.

June 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

So HM went with continuity rather than resting some overplayed players. His only unforced change is Bismark on the bench for Chili. I for one will be very interested to see how he goes post knee opp.

I would have liked if he rested some key players as this was probably the only test to do so the whole season. But then there is nothing wrong with building combinations and growing in team confidence. As many will say test level is not the place to rest your stars that should be done at SR and CC level. That is all nice and idle but with the contracting system we have its not going to happen and it is no use to the players being overplayed.

That said again a very good team which is pretty well balanced with maybe the exception of a fetcher. Of coarse with Bismark in the mix (he is a real fetcher) one might get away with it.

I am very excited to see what young Piet and Kolisi can do off the bench  HM should not just give him 3 min in the end. That is a waste of everybodies time. Give them atleast 10 min to see what they got its only Scotland in South Africa.



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  1. Agree, sending someone on when there’s 1 or 2mins left to play really is a waste, and a slap in the face of the affected player actually. It does nothing more than add a cap on the players CV. If you dont bring someone on with at least 10-15 mins left to play, rather leave them on the bench then!

    I wonder if the bok coach shouldn’t have the power to order unions to rest key players when necessary? I think in NZ it works like that? The AB’s always come first, and the franchizes do whats best for the national team

    • It is the age old thing where Nz All Blacks are contracted with NZRU and the sub contracted to the unions. They actually have some sort of say in which union these All Blacks play. Although they never really enforce it.

      In SA the unions contract the players and then sub contracted by SARU thus their premier responsibility lies with the union and not SARU.

  2. I think that continuity is a good idea in this case. But I would like to see the entire bench get at least 20 minutes. Lambie and co. deserve a chance to shine. I also don’t think that we have seen the last of this year’s injuries. We need to build out our depth as well.

  3. I agree

    Sending a player on for 3 min is really a waste as stated. How can you effect the game in 3 min ?

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