Is Sorry good enough?

May 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

As I have mentioned before the Stormers have had a pretty bad run when it comes to refs, assistant refs and TMO calls this season. Thing is the Stormers squad should be good enough not to have to worry about one or two calls going against them against most teams. But that is not the point of this post.

As I have said before it is difficult to blame a ref on the field if he missed a knock-on, forward pass or offside as things happens in a second an he has to make a decision and will get some wrong. (But one starts to wonder when a ref gets most wrong against one team like Bryce or Steve)
But what blows my mind is when TMO’s get the calls wrong. They have all the time in the world and should have excess to the laws via an Ipad next to them. But time after time they get it wrong.

Mr Linden Bray then (to his credit) comes out on Monday or Tuesday and says: Jip sorry guys it was the wrong call and we have spoken about it. That is noble and all. But what about the team being negatively effected? They lose log points and in the end misses out on a play-off spot (not the Stormers this season) and misses out on sponsors and gate money at the stadiums.

Provincefan said they should properly try the white card where the captain of a team can send a wrong call up to the TMO. But the problem is that it is the TMO’s that’s making the biggest mistakes!
In Amreican Football the manager can send a call up for review during a match but this all leads to extended periods of non action and boredom for the fans at the stadium.

Because this is a professional era and everything is about money. I believe the first thing that should happen is SANZAR should compensate such a team financially for their own refs instabilities. Thus refunding the money the team loses because of the unfair calls.

Then there should be a website where every ref in the comp gets rated. Not just on big calls but everything. All his missed knocks, forward passes, wrong scrum calls, wrong maul decision, ect , ect . Nick suggested that players and coaches should also be able to rate the ref and all should be made public. Then at least you won’t get the egomaniacs like Steve Welsh manipulating games as he wants. His ego is to big not be one of the best rated refs.
Or get these Nz refs that do not like driving maul thus they allow players to swim round the maul and collapsing it.

It impossible to say what would have or could have happened but this way at least the union can feel better by getting financially compensated for being wronged and the fans can get the satisfaction of seeing a ref being rate 48% for his performance. ( They could even say if a ref rates below 60% for 2 games in a row he should sit out 2 weeks.)

For me personally the : SORRY WE WERE WRONG AND YOU ARE SCREWED is just not good enough in this day and age. It might be at School boy level but not at SR level.


Ps: I still believe we will find out a huge betting scam involving refs in rugby. But that is just my own conspiracy theory.  (ala Lance)

11 responses to Is Sorry good enough?

  1. Sorry is not good enough, but they do not even have to do that! Unfortunately, in the over-regulated world of Rugby union the lawmen, i.e. refs, never have to apologize and are above the law themselves. This and the overdosage on low quality rugby is what will eventually kill union rugby and I find that ironic.

    • Jip agree that is why soccer is such a popular sport it only has 3 laws.
      And although their refs still gets calls wrong at least their is not so much calls being left to the refs interpretation.

  2. I would personally hate to see more delays due to reviews. Some decisions are not going to go a team’s way, they need to live with this.

    • You sound like Steve Welsh!! Thing is because nobody can touch the refs more and more people will stop watching rugby because it is just not fun when you can see one wrong decision after another being made.
      Refs should be held responsible for their f-ups just like any other professional person.

  3. Phil said on May 24, 2013

    Jeez Generaal. I didn’t know Steve Walsh was Welsh.LOL!

  4. I have a A, B and C certificate for WP umpires. I umpired in the A and B sections of the club cricket leagues in Cape Town as well as the WP academy games.
    After every game, we the umpires had to take a form to both captains to have your performances rated. This was sent in to WP Cricket.
    You were then allocated to specific games according to the reviews received.
    My 2 cents worth

    • That could work. But it really looks like SANZAR is struggling to get enough refs esp for Aus and Nz. That is why we get these young refs who should still ref college rugby.

  5. Bad decisions have always been part of the game and it never put people off watching, what would put me off is to stop the game every two minutes to have TMO’s spend 15 mins analysing only for the team who feel hard-done-by to get their lawyers to appeal and an arbitration panel goes through everything frame by frame then an interim committee gets to sit and discuss and then the lawyers get their turn again…….

  6. As I said on Bloues blog… (And this was pointed out by the Re:union guys last year) if you have a look at the screen the TMO looks at, its rather small, and most of the time it looks like something you’d find in an old age home.

    Why he doesnt have full access to a sycnhronised copy to all feeds at once on a 9 or 12 monitor bank is beyond me. Otherwise they should be in the van with the directors.

    I tend to agree with Graham Henry, the touchies (assistant refs) are not doing their bit. Especially on the offside line at the breakdown.

  7. Yes, bad calls have always been part of the game. Problem is, now they are highlighted by replay after replay. And it just seems that SA teams are usually on the wrong end of crappy calls.

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