Chiefs a must win for Stormers?

March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

So on Saturday it was no surprise to see the Stormers lose the arm wrestle against the Sharks in Durban. From the start of the season this game was always going to be close and a hard one to win. That is why it was so sad to see the way the Stormers started against the Bulls a game they should have  won if you look at the quality of the squads.

Now the Stormers are right where the Sharks was in 2012 and will have a lot of pressure on them to win against the form team of the S15 — The Chiefs. In the Stormers favor would be that the Chiefs do have to travel around the globe (luckily for them with time) and that it will be played at Newlands. The Chiefs might also be a bit over confident although I doubt it.

AC will have some hard decisions to make guys like Liebenberg and DeJongh should be back in reckoning. The problem is these guys have not played a game in a long time so will he be brave enough to throw them in the starting line-up?

Damian D’Allande has looked out of his depth in Super Rugby so I would bring De Jongh back if fit straight into the starting line-up. Even if De Jongh stays injured then I will be tempted to try Grant at 12. I know Grant is not the best 12 in the world but D’Allende has really struggled.

Elton had a better game his cross kick to Aplon was the closest any team came to scoring a try. But he still lacks the confidence he had at the end of 2012. Hopefully he will slowly start building some.

I know this sounds strange but I was impressed with the young Stormers front row. They were out muscle and out classed by the Sharks but unlike the Cheetahs they were not in reverse gear the whole 80 mins. At 21 years of age they do still have a lot to learn though.

On Saturday it will be the Stormers defense against the Chiefs attack. While that is old news the Stormers will have to play well above themselves to win the game. It will be tough.


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  1. I’m not sure yet who I’ll pick to win the Stormers Chiefs game but one should not be blinded by the high scores the Chiefs have scored so far. Both the Highlanders and the Cheetahs held their own for about 50 minutes until their defences cracked, something that shouldn’t happen with the Stormers’ defence.

    Jantjies played a lot better than the first week but Joe Pietersen was weak under the high ball and there were still too many errors and penalties conceded. de Allende had a few good runs but need to learn to offload/pass.

    The Chiefs don’t have the strongest pack of forwards and the Stormers have a good chance of winning the forward battle which can change the dynamics of the game.

    Should be a close game.

    • Jip well DeJong, Taute and Liebenberg might be fit. This will improve the team a lot.
      I just hope the Stormers can find some mojo.

      • Liebenberg from the bench. If they start Taute they will start Grant. I don’t think there is a lot of faith in Jantjies’ placekicking right now.

        I havent rewatched the Cheetah game yet, but I do believe the Chiefs use Nanai-Williams to run just outside 12, forcing the drift to hold and opening the overlap on the outside if there is a runaround. Stormers play with a very patient sweeping defense, so that shouldn’t bother them to much. Expect to see Cruden kick a lot (depending on his thigh strain) or Anscombe taking a lot of ball at 10 to kick tactically.

        Teams don’t run from inside their own 10m line against the Stormers, and for good reason.

    • Not like the Stormers have the strongest pack either. The Chiefs are likely to edge the Stormers pack. Both their locks are 2.00m plus, so the Stormers wil miss Etzebeth.

      The Chiefs have the pack to match the Stormers, but more worringly, is that they will trouble the defence of the Stormers alot more than the Sharks did (or did not).

      Only thing that could save the Stormers bacon is the travel bogey!

  2. Chiefs will win this game. I think they will breach the Stormers defence. Stormers have become too predictable.

  3. You cannot judge De Allende on the game against the Sharks.

    He didn’t once shirk his responisibilities on defense, and the conditions (There has never been decent running rugby in Durban in March unless its raining – something everyone seems to have forgotten on Saturday) negated his strongest point (his passing game to both sides)

    If JDJ is fit he must start. You cant bring him off the bench and hope whe stays unbroken. Jantjies was probably affected in a similar fashion as De Allende, so they’ll probably go with him over Grant.

    • Good point I still feel he is a work in progress. He will grow as the season goes on .
      De Jongh is also very good at defense in the 13 channel and will be needed to stop Williams. JdV might be to slow?

      • In 2011 preseason JdV ran the fastest 40 of all players in the Stormers camp. he is definately not to slow. Just because he doesnt use all his pace all the time does not make him slow. It makes him experienced.

  4. The Stormers need to play to their strengths and not the typical SA strengths. The biggest problem with the loss to the Sharks was that they tried to play a SA 10man game plan. They continually kicked and then kept the ball among the forwards on attack. Habana and Aplon are the danger men but they never passed them the ball. Speaking of not passing the ball, Joe “prima donna” Pieterson must stop fucking trying to solo the whole game, about 5 times he ran at the opposition with no players near him that cost us turnovers. Reading the situation is something the Stormers are really lacking at the moment and I hope AC sits the guys down in a video session and shows them where the issues are.

    • Ja, Joe had a poor game.

      Part of the problem with the backs, as I see it, is that Jantjies and his centres don’t read each other yet. Jantjies is used to having his centres and even his fullback running lines off him at pace. Saturday he had a couple of runs where there were nobody to offload to.

      The Stormers’ defensive play means their centres don’t really come off their line and this defeeats the purpose of Jantjies’s runs. Just passing the ball to his #12 isn’t going to create gaps.

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