AC putting to much emphasis on end of the season?

February 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

In the last 2 – 3 seasons the Stormers started of with a bang and usually sneaked their first few games and then just kept on winning.

AC placed a lot of importance on winning every game even if it is only by 1 point without the Stormers scoring a try. Players were picked with slight injuries and played week in and week out. AC believed that a half fit JdV is better than no JdVfor example.

While this worked for them in the short term it always came back to bite them come play-off time because normally by that time the Stormers will have plenty of injuries and very fatigued players.

This season has seen a turn around from the Stormers brains trust. They decided on a very short and noncompetitive preseason and have also rested any player who resembles a slight injury.

I believe if this was last season players like DeJongh, Liebenberg and even Burger would have played or been on the bench. To his mind this is only Feb and not a semi or final thus it is not worth risking players.

Now this is very admirable and might be a smart move. It is the same sort of tactic the Sharks used last season. (or were forced to use) But just how good it will work remains to be seen.

Thing is if you say you will take a win in the first few weeks but you are not putting everything you have on the line it is fine. But what will happen if the Stormers lose to the Sharks and then to the Chiefs?? A very realistic scenario. Will AC then change his song??

Thing is if you go down 3 – 0 or even 5 – 0 at the start of the season this will leave you having to win every week there after. Sure if you manage it you are on a roll come play-offs but do you really want that pressure?

Anyhow AC has made his decision and will have to stand by it. I just hope he has a strong hart and thick skin because things can get pretty ugly for him in the Cape media after a couple of losses. Esp with the squad he have at his disposal.


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  1. Lots of “what ifs..” Fact is stormers have only lost 1 game, against the Bulls at Loftus, which is no humiliation at all. So don’t stress so much boet… Stormers have a lot of depth this season (thanks Lions!!) and they are a quality side, so even if they do stumble against the tough opposition early on they should make it to the playoffs eventually

  2. I doubt that it’s a focus on the end of season.

    AC has obviously decided to look at a more attacking game to add the extra dimension that might help win the trophy but he would be disappointed that nothing seemed to gel against the Bulls and he definitely wouldn’t have bargained on Jantjies missing all his kicks.

    Going back to the tried and trusted after one game wouldn’t have been an option.

    The Stormers will hope for a vast improvement in all aspects of the game on Saturday.

    • I am not worried about the game plan as such yet. But would have loved to see De Jongh play because he brings more attack to the backline.
      Also not sure why he persists with Deon Fourie at hooker when he seems to struggle so much with the duties of a hooker?

  3. It’s not easy coming down from 5-0, but heck the Sharks have done it. I think the difference is that they unlike the Stormers could score at will and bag valuable bonus points, something that is currently eluding the Stormers.

    • Jip they will be forced to chase the log from early on not so easy.
      Thing that bothers me is a guy like Liebenberg and DeJongh is said to be taking contact in practice but AC do not want to risk them as he feels another week of rest will do them good.
      Now that is idle but the more you lose the bigger the pressure on the season. Not something the Stormers have dealt to well with over the past few seasons.

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