Stormers side I would pick against the Sharks

February 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Sharks are in great form and it will take a miracle for the Stormers to win in Durban.
This is the team I would go with.

15. Joe – He is in good form since the start of the season (pre) and has a accurate boot. With Taut out with a haematoma on his testicles (OUCH!!!) it is a no brainer.

14. Aplon – Not in the best of form but also not doing anything bad. He needs to step up his work rate.

13. JdJ – Not sure if he is fit but if he is I would start him. We need his game braking abilities.

12. JdV – After a slap fest with Hougaard (and some bad acting by Hougaard) he needs to focus and get his team going in the right direction.

11. Habana – Did not have much to do in Ptown but will need to be at his best if the Stormers are to stand a chance.

10. Jantjies – I will be very tempted to go with Grant and blood Jantjies from the bench but with Joe taking the kicking duties this might be a chance for him to regain confidence. We always have Grant on the bench to save us in the last seconds?

9. Groom – I will stick with him. He was not as useless as the rest.

8. Vermeulen – One of the players who actually had an OK game against the Bulls stole a few balls and carried OK esp considering the pressure the forwards was under.

7. Kolisi – Had an quiet game but will be expecting some brutal hits from him come Saturday.

6. Deon – With Burger still out I would play him on the flank as a specialist opensider. This is what he does best.

5. Bekker – Started playing better but still have to up the grunt. I do believe the Stormers line-out woes are Deon’s fault.

4. Elstadt – I believe he will bring more power to the Stormers pack come scrum time. More than Steenkamp at least.

3. Cilliers – had a bad game against the Bulls and will have to up the ante against a monster Sharks scrum. He was let down by his locks and hooker.

2. Bezuidenhoudt – I would not say he is the best hooker come scrumtime but he should be better than Deon.

1. Kitshoff – I am a bit worried for the young man against Dr Jannie. But he will have to do the job.

16 Malherbe

17 Brok

18 Steenkamp

19 Carr

20 Duvenage

21. Grant

22 D’Allande covers more positions than Shadow. But it could be Shadow.

I think AC will stick with Fourie at 2 which will be a huge mistake most of the Stormers difficulties against the Bulls can be atributed to Deon not being able to compete in the 1st phase. Scrums and line outs was the huge problem and both are mostly his fault.

I think the Sharks will win the game in the scrums they absolutely monstered the Cheetahs and I can’t see the Stormers being so much better.

But as they say there is always hope even if it is a fools hope.



5 responses to Stormers side I would pick against the Sharks

  1. happy to see the front row back this weekend after pissing themselves against a young and inexperienced bulls front row after Kruger went off….

    or maybe it was just tactical

  2. The term “tight five” is a misnomer when you have Bekker and Fourie in it and the front row has little chance.

  3. Gen. May I please ask you very nicely not to Talk Up the Sharks so much, because everytime someone makes them clear favourites, they lose. Rewind a few months to the Currie Cup, when a very strong Sharks outfit lost agains a very, very, very, very (you get the point) weak WP (spit) team.
    Please! ;)

  4. My Superbru pick will go for the Stormers this Sat.

    Thou they didn’t play great against the Bulls – the reason why the lost in the end was goal kicking.

    Stormers have an (annoying) ability to win games they don’t remotely deserve to win – mainly because of their defense. My guess is that this week, due to the pressure, they have gone back to basics and focused squarely on their strengths – defense, defense and defense + discipline + good kicking + maybe a single moment of individual brilliance by Habana, Applon or Pietersen.

    Sharks might’ve looked good last weekend, but lets face it: the Cheetahs tend to make structured teams look stronger in their attack that they really are. I still didn’t see enough creativity or brutal force to suggest the Sharks would be able to put in place a big enough cushion – if Stormers are back at their best.

    Sharks might just come to the game too confident, like the Stormers against the Bulls, which might just bite them – hence my Superbru goes to Stormers with 3pts.

  5. Pity about Jaco Taute. Joe Peterson is great in the air but time and again, he gets tackled back. He is just too light to punch through defences.

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