Not getting any easier for Stormers

February 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

So the Stormers played their worst game of rugby in at least 2 years. Their scrums was shaky their line outs a total sham and their handling school boyish at best. It was only the first game but the Chiefs also played their first game and looked like a well oiled machine. Astonishingly they came close in the end but the Bulls deserved to win even though their only try was fortunate. (legitimate?)

Elton Jantjies had his worst game in his short professional career. Missing an astonishing 4 out of 4 kicks with none of them being impossibly difficult. (which indecently could have won them the game which they definitively did not deserve)His kicking out of hand and distribution was average and one could see he has not played any rugby in a long time. It was always going to be a risk playing him without any practice matches and so short after his personal tragedy. I really feel for him as their must be loads of demons running through his mind.

Deon Fourie showed me one thing and that is that he is no hooker he is a decent to good openside flanker. But his scrumming and line out work was one of the reasons the Stormers lost.

The Stormers face the Sharks, Chiefs, Brumbies, Crusaders over the next 5 weeks. No disrespect for the Bulls but of all those teams they are by far the weakest team.

But good on the Bulls, Morne kick brilliant and they deserved to win by  20 – 30 points the way the Stormers played. Although they might be advised to bring in more of their young talent as to boast their attacking skills.

If I were AC which I’m not. I would switch Fourie to 6 and start Liebenberg or Bezuidenhoudt at hooker. Switch Elstadt to 4 and drop Steenkamp to bench. In the back I only bring in Joe for injured Taute and De Jongh if ready for D’Allande. Also bring Grant in on the bench.

I can’ t see them winning the Sharks in Durban so they will have to win the Chiefs at Newlands.

In other news I was so happy that Maties triumphed over Tukkies. Not because Maties are from the WC and Tukkies from Ptown. But because most of the Tukkies team are professional rugby players (contracted by the Bulls) who are studying on the side AND most of the Maties (if not all) are professional students playing a bit of rugby on the side. I just feel this is the real embodiment of the competition. But that is just a personal gripe of mine.


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  1. Very good post.

    First of all im glad you mentioned that the Maties is a Student team while the Tuks were basicly a vodacom cup side

    .It is shocking how many of the tuks and blue bulls players are actually bought.I can think of only one or two that comes from the Pretoria area. then every time they win a game over maties/province they get very excited!

    Meanwhile it is province players playing against their old teammates!

    Listen to the money talks.

    • Well I do not care about teams buying players it is the professional era but the Varsity cup is supposed to be an amateur comp and the Bulls (and WP in Ikeys) are just using it to give their players a run. With many of the “students” being 1st years and will not be attending university after the comp has completed.

      • VC is not an amateur competition, the Young Guns is.

        The Maties team was loaded with players who played WP u/19, WP u/21, WP Vodacom Cup and/or WP CC (17/23) while 11/23 players are not from WP or Boland

        • Blion I think you are wrong on the Maties team being loaded with WP age group most WP age group players play for Ikeys.
          Just Lehman who has played for WP but he doesn’t have a contract.

          • 15,Craig Barry,,WP CW,2011 SA u/20,WP u/19,WP u/21,WP CC
            14,Clearance Khumalo,Pumas CW,WP u/19,WP u/21,WP VC
            13,Mark Hodgkiss,
            12,Ryan Nell,WP u/19,WP u/21,Blitsbokke
            11,Dean Hammond,Border CW,2012 SA u/20,WP u/19,WP u/21,WP CC
            10,JH Potgieter,WP CW
            9,James Alexander,KZN AW
            8,Reniel Hugo,WP CW,WP u/19,WP u/21,WP VC
            7,Lungelo Chonco,KZN CW,WP u/19,WP u/21
            6,Helmut Lehmann,WP CW,SA Schools,WP u/19,WP u/21,WP CC
            5,Wilhelm van der Sluys,WP CW,,WP u/19,WP u/21,WP VC,WP CC
            4,Jan de Klerk,WP u/21
            3,Brendon Pitzer,GRiquas u/21,WP u/21
            2,Neethling Gericke,SWD CW,SA Schools,
            1,Alister Vermaak,Griffon CW,Griffons u/19,WP u/19,WP u/21,WP VC
            16,Charl de Villiers,
            17,Hein van der Merwe,WP CW,WP u/21
            18,Jurie van Vuuren,WP u/19
            19,Beyers de Villiers,WP CW,WP u/19,WP u/21
            20,Jean Nel,WP CW,WP u/19
            21,Dean Grant,Boland VC
            22,JP Lewis,WP CW,SA Schools,WP u/19,WP u/21
            23,Niel Oelofse,KZN CW,WP u/19

          • How many of these players has actual WPRU contracts? That’s what I meant.
            Just because they played some games for them does not mean they have a contract.
            Take Lehman he has played a few games for WP but does not have a WPRU contract. WPRU plays a lot of players out of the club system with out giving the players any contracts they get paid per game/s.

            Ikeys have Dylon Leeds, Ricky Schroeder, Ollie Kebble ect all with WPRU age group contracts.

          • I’m not saying all have contracts, senior or junior, but they get paid to play so to make out that Maties is a team of poor students is incorrect.

            BTW, 4 of the players played in the 2012 u/19s final (WP won) , 3 in the u/21 final (Bulls won) and one in the VC and CC final (WP won both).

  2. Big ups on the article,you know what you’re talking about. I feel exactly the same way over the Tuks vs Maties game.

  3. Liebenberg is out injured for 2 months I believe.

    I still have faith that we can beat the Sharks, but its going to require a much better effort and probably also a bit of luck.

    With Joe “prima donna” Pieterson in the team I might need to resort to the bottle though…

    • Oh I read somewhere that Liebenberg is close to full fitness. And that young Scarra is still out injured for a while. Anyhow I would start Bezuidenhoudt and shift Deon to the side to play a fetchers role. I also think with Steenkamp at 4 we are missing some grunt in the locks.

      JoeP is in some very good form atm so I am not to worried.

      • I’d also start with Bezuidenhoudt but I don’t think any of the loose trio were bad enough to justify them being relegated to the bench. Fourie, on the other hand, is a better option on the bench anyways since he covers multiple positions.

  4. For the Stormers to stand a chance against the Sharks their scrums and lineouts need to work. Unfortunately they have a few passengers in the scrums, Fourie and Bekker the obvious ones.

    With Bezuidenhout only on a short term loan they might not want to start him in preference to a regular but I think they should.

    Their new combinations should be more settled and their game should flow better but I agree, I think the Sharks will take this one unless they go to sleep again.

    • Agree,
      I believe the Stormers want to play a fetcher and thus I will play Deon at 6 esp with Burger out.

      I also believe that you cannot play Bekker and Steenkamp as lock parring both are not srcumaging locks. Thus I will move Elstadt to 4 or Rhodes but think he is still injured.

      Just that 2 moves will improve a lot on the Stormers scrum and lineouts. Thing is the Sharks scrum is a beast of its own and not sure the Stormers without Liebenberg and Etzebeth and Burger stand a chance.

  5. Who is the replacement hooker?

    I don’t think we need another looseforward. Fourie on the bench, let Bezuidenhout try, although I am very scared of putting ex Lions on the park right now…

    Siya, Elstadt and Vermeulen are doing a great job already. Bezuidenhout can also fullfullt he fetcher role.

  6. What is fourie’s actual specialist position? I have totally forgot, they keep chopping and changing. How can you be a specialist hooker and flanker when both have inherently totally different roles to play. Its great if you have a hooker that can fetch and bust runs (extra loose forward) but his main role is to be a specialist lineout thrower with scrumming acumen, which fourie doesn’t have. Having the tallest springbok in recent history on your side and still losing throws shows its not where he should be playing. AC should be focusing on getting the setpieces right first before he throws in some fancy stuff like swapping hookers with flankers and such.

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