Stormers vs Bulls the numbers.

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15. Zane vs Jaco: Zane have always had good S15 form but has struggled come Bok time. (esp in SH) Taute is probably the most exciting prospect for FB the Boks have had in a while. Verdict: Because of X-factor Stormers 1 Bulls 0

14 Aplon vs Basson: Very evenly balanced although two different players. Aplon has speed and quick feet. Basson is the best player under an attacking up and under SA have. On defense I think Aplon is some way ahead of Basson. Verdict: Shared because of Bassons aerial skills. Stormers 1/2 Bulls 1/2

13. Jean vs JJ: A young gun vs an old hand. HM seems to love JJ, personally I am yet to be convinced about the boy. He is big and strong but his defense and distribution is yet to be proved. Verdict: Jean takes it comfortably at this stage. Stormers 1 Bulls 0

12. Damian vs Meisiekind: Now I am not a supporter of Olivier and think the Bulls made a mistake by not selecting Venter. But Wynand can proof me wrong. Verdict: Bulls takes it D’Allande still has to proof his worth. Stormers 0 Bulls 1.

11. Habana vs Mapoe: Mapoe is a class act, but he has been rocking it at 13 most of last season. Thing is Habana is in a class of his own. Verdict: Stormers 1 Bulls 0

10. Jantjies vs Steyn: It will all depends which Steyn rocks up at Loftus Friday. Jantjies has been thrown into the deep end and might find it hard to adjust so quickly. I think Jantjies the better player but… Verdict: I’ll give it to Steyn for this game. Stormers 0 Bulls 1

9. Groom vs Hougaard: Hougie had an awful 2012 season but I have a suspicion the real Hougie will return in 2013. Groom is OK but not in the same class. Verdict Stormers 0 Bulls 1.

8. Vermeulen vs Spies: Spies is comming back from injury. I have not been impressed by him the last couple of seasons. Vermeulen proved with the boks on EOYT he is a force to be reckoned with. Verdict: Stormers 1 Bulls 0

7. Elstadt vs Potgieter(Dewald): Elstedt’s form this preseason has been magnificent. Potgieter started his career with a bang but has slowly dropped in form. Last seasons disastrous Bulls CC campaign did not help his confidence. Verdict: By a whisker Stormers takes it. Stormers 1 Bulls 0

6. Kolisi vs Steggman: Two totally different players. I love Kolisi’s play esp. on defense. Steggman has fallen away since the new laws. He has become a penalty machine. Verdict: Stormers 1 Bulls 0

5. Bekker vs Kruger: Interesting indeed. Andries has the length but have not completed a game in months. If both play to full potential Bekker should walk the contest but that is only IF. Verdict: Stormers 1/2 Bulls 1/2

4. Steenkamp vs Flip: If Eben was available it would be no contest no matter who the Stormers played, BUT it is not. Steenkamp is average and Flip can be good. Verdict: Stormers 0 Bulls 1

3. Pat vs Mallett: Have not seen to much of Morne. Pat have not yet taken a step backwards since getting his Bok call up. Verdict: Stormers 1 Bulls 0.

2. Fourie vs Chilli: Deon was WP player of the CC last season and with good reason. I think he will again be a real live wire and poach some good ball. Having said that his throw ins come lineout time has been disappointing. Verdict: Stormers 0 Bulls 1

1. Kitshoff vs Kruger: Kitshoff at only 21 he is in his 3rd season of SR!!! Kruger has not impressed me much. He was folded in half last season when he played against the poms. Verdict: Stormers 1 Bulls 0

16. Martin vs Wepener: Verdict: Stormers 1/2 Bulls 0

17. Malherbe vs Kirsten: Stormers 1/2 Bulls 0

18. Armand vs Hatting: even Stormers 0 Bulls 0

19. Carr vs Botha: Stormers 0 Bulls 1/2

20. Duvenage vs Vermaak: Stormers 0 Bulls 1/2

21. Gerhard vs Venter: Stormers 0 Bulls 1/2

22. Joe vs Fouche Stormers 1/2 Bulls 0


This adds up to:  Stormers 10.5 Bulls 6.5

I’ll give the Bulls a point for home game and a point for it being at altitude. Thus Stormers 10.5 Bulls 8.5

So in the end on paper the Stormers should still win the game but the game is played on grass and anything can happen. Can’t wait for the game to start!!!


PS: Where have all the Bulls fans gone on this blog? ? I know their form in 2011 and 2012 were not great but guys things are looking on the up for you with plenty of extremely good young talent.



4 responses to Stormers vs Bulls the numbers.

  1. I am still here, read your thing, maybe you right, maybe not, i’d rather wait for the first games and then see where this is going. Bulls team looks good, allthough i dont trust Frans Ludecke. Would have chosen some of the young backs, but i’d rather wait and see

  2. Also wrote a post about this game, but from a different perspective though.
    Your ratings seem fair but we all know that rugby is a team game and a lot depends on how well the teams gel and play for each other.
    Going to be a ripper! GO BULLS!!!

  3. Here as well,

    I think your analysis is pretty fair. Although for this game I rate Basson over Applon as Applon will most likely not get space to express himself whereas Basson can with his high ball skills coupled with also a lots of pace cause damage. Against Force and Kings with space I’d rate Applon higher than Basson.

    On the other side Carr vs Arno, in this game with brutal physicality I remember Carr being very strong, so in this game he is in my opinion stronger than Arno.

    I think Bulls are unfortunately a bit too thin in the forwards – we would’ve needed Jacques and Dean in the pack, the second choices are not as strong as their counterparts. As this is the reason I’m afraid this season Bulls might not be contending for the trophy – however next season is another story, providing that they manage to replace Juandre with a strong replacement.

    However regarding Friday, one key detail is that if Bulls halfbacks win their counterparts, it will give us the chance. If Morne beats Elton, it means that there’s quite a bit of points on the board and that might just make the difference in Bulls advantage.

    But it’s going to be a massive game, looking forward to it!

    • Agree, With Basson at altitude where the ball seems to hang longer and thus give him more time.
      On the Carr vs Botha scenario I think Arno is a classy player and would have started him.

      It will be one heck of a game. The Bulls look set to continue with the aerial route whilst the Stormers will prob look to go more ball in hand

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