Vodacom Cup Griquas silence Kings!!

February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last night in the Kings last warm up match the VodacomCup squad of the Griquas came from behind to sneak past the Kings.

I know this is only a warm up game but you have to understand that unlike most other small unions the Griquas do lose a fair amount of their top players to the Cheetahs. So this was by no means a CC quality Griquas side.

The Kings selected potentially their best side available to play Super Rugby this season. With all of Watson, Sykes, Struass, Catrikillis and Maku playing. It was the first time the team has ever played together. Unlike Stormers,Bulls, Sharks and Cheetahs who all still have the same core of players that played in 2012. But still this was only the second string Griquas team and was played in PE. Which also begs the why the Kings did not play their strongest side more than once to give the players the time to get to know each other? This was their 4th warm up game.

Luckily for the Kings they do start of against the “other worst team” the Force at home. Now the Force themselves have lost quite a few players last season without gaining much but you have to think they will still be better than the Griquas VodacomCup team?

Everyone knows Mr Solomans is a shrewd rugby brain but even he will start having his doubt about whether this current Kings squad belongs at Super Rugby level and whether it would not have been wiser to first give this same squad a season of CC prem div rugby before the promised introduction into Super Rugby next season?

Super Rugby is an unforgiving tournament (just ask the Lions) if you have a slow start and lose 2 or 3 in a row it will take a special team to turn your season arround. (like the Saders of the 90′ s and early 00’s)

I have said it before the Kings are on a hiding to nothing. They do not have the squad depth or quality for Super Rugby yet.

Now I am not saying the Kings should never play Super Rugby. I believe the EC deserve a Super Rugby berth but they should never have been rushed into Super Rugby like this. I know most of this is SARU’s fault but nothing stopped Mr Watson Snr to say to SARU: No thanks we would rather play CC prem div in 2013 and then play SR in 2014. I am sure SARU would not have minded that cause that would have given them more time to work out the mess.

Mr Solomans will have to pull a few rabbits out of his hat to prevent the Kings of going down in history as the worst SR side that has ever played in the tournament. Which would be pretty sad.


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  1. You know, maybe this whole saga is a blessing in disguise for the Lions. I think the Lions own a few records in Super rugby, but not the sort of records you want.. Like not winning 1 game entire season.. So now that the queens will play in our game, they might just beat a few of our records.. Whoopeeee!

    • Well the Lions will indeed gain a lot from not being in SR.
      For one there depth will be increased a lot because of all the player loans and the youngsters will find out how it is to travel.
      And granted that most or all the players on loan return to the province for next season they might gain a lot of experience at the other franchises.
      And if the Lions can win their promo releg match they will be better suited to SR come 2014.

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