Kings to go Black.

February 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

So with the inclusion of the Kings in SR there was a lot of complaints from all walks of rugby.

One of them was the fact that the reason for the Kings inclusion in SR in the first place was to give the local ethnic black players (the so called home of rugby in the Xhosa community) a chance to strut their stuff at the highest level. Thus giving them opportunities other SR franchises did not afford them.

Well as it turned out the Kings SR squad as well as probable 1st choice run on team looks very light on that front. (literally) With plenty of imports from the rest of SA and beyond.

But luckily the wise old Cheeky Watson had a solution. If we can’t get the players themselves to be ethnic black lets at least play in Black. Thus becoming the blackest SR franchise in the comp.

If you think about it only the players neck, head, arms and knee’s are visible on the field thus ensuring that at least 80% of all rugby players on the field will be black. I mean what more can SARU ask for? Cheeky turned even the previously white rugby players black!! Well 80% of their bodies at least. (that’s more than other teams can say)

The only downfall to his plan is the white strip in away games. But since that is not taking place in PE the home of ethnic black rugby it probably won’t matter.


Ps: this article is of a humorous nature and should be taken in that light. (I mean dark)

3 responses to Kings to go Black.

  1. Considering they have almost as many NZ players and coaches in their team as the crusaders, they can just as well play in AB kit.

  2. The black jersey is probably the only black that will appear on that team. Transformation? Elementary my Dear Watson.

  3. And play like the AB or Crusaders too hey. lol

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