Stormers make iffy start.

February 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well the Stormers first game of the season is done and dusted. Their performance was really patchy with some brilliant play matched by some really ordinary play.

I feel Kurt had a good enough game. (except for goal kicking) Do not get me wrong he is no world class player but did better than I expected. He actually got the backline moving once in a while.

For me the real weak point was at scrumhalf and flank where we lacked a bit of class. Schreuder did OK but there was no snipping breaks and I can recall at least 2 times, when on attack, he fumbled the ball at the base of the ruck. Personally I believe that Groom is a much busier scrumhalf. I know his tactical kicking is not the best but that could be left to flyhalf ala Nz style.

On the Flank Carr (more a 8 or 7 than a real 6) and Armand did OK without being influential. We really did miss Kolisi the man is just a defensive machine. Also would like to see how Burger will be going  after his long break.

All in all I feel the Stormers were in control of the match for most of the 80. But this performance is not going to win you many games during the actual comp. A real rusty performance.

Making a fast start to a SR campaign is very important but in the end finishing strong is maybe even more important. One would have loved to have more than 2 warm up games but I think AC is taking the gamble to see if he can’t lessen the workload on some key players. I mean it is no good having warm ups with combinations that won’t really feature in the comp it self.


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  1. Well if you look at the starting line-up, there is quite a bit of players to come back.

    Loosies should be Schalk, Duane and Siya with Elstadt on the bench. (Therefore no Armand in the 22.)

    Kokkie will play off the bench to Bekker and vice versa.

    Our front row did quite good. I was very impressed, but the Cheetahs struggled in the scrums against the Lions as well, so I don’t know how much you can read into that.

    De Allende was solid, which is good, since it seems they have now decided he’s going to replace JdV from time to time.

    • Agree but the Cheetahs also missing a lot of 1st team players. Goosen, Eberson, Brussow, Coennie ect.
      So that evens things out.
      It was solid without being good.
      OK for first outing but would have loved if they were a bit more ruthless.

      • I don’t know which game I watched but the Cheetahs only struggled in the scrums when Caylib Oosthuizen was on the rest the Cheetahs and stormers where quite even.

        The Stormers should have won that game but it was good to see how the Cheetahs celebrated afterwards even though it is only a warm up. It shows the commitment and team spirit in the camp.

  2. Completly agree with the comment on Nic Groom. By far the best scrumhalf at Stormers. He also seems to get the backline going better than the others. He should start there for the Stormers against the Bulls and keep it for most of the Super 15.

    • Jip do not know why he is always dropped in pecking order.
      I know Duvenage and Schreuder are better tactical kickers but they are just to slow behind the ruck and do not keep enough defenders busy.

      • Don’t you think the pecking order should be Groom, Schreuder then Duvenhage?

        Duvenhage is always so slow and never tries anything behind the scrum. Shreuder tries a gap now and then and is a bit faster.

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